ISAR Certification Program

by Anne Massey Professionalism in the field of astrology is in the hands of those, who work as astrologers. Certification is about an agreement of what one ought to know in order to work in the field. This agreement originates with the organization offering certification. During the past decade astrologers have become more invested in having certification in order to… Read more →

April 9 with Anne Massey

April 9 with Anne Massey

The quest to understand the deeper purpose of our existence can be elusive. There are questions without answers; we’ll never know. However, the astrological chart provides numerous clues and insights; indeed everything in it is a hint.  The doors open at 7 PM and the presentation begins at 7:30 PM, you could also join us for dinner before the talk… Read more →

March 12 with Renn Buttler

March 12 with Renn Buttler

Renn Butler has a B.A. in English and Religious Studies and lived at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California for several years, where he met and studied with Richard Tarnas, also completing the certification in Holotropic Breathwork and Transpersonal Psychology with Stanislav Grof in 1989.  Renn has been a practicing astrologer since 1983 and has offered breathwork workshops in Victoria… Read more →

Chat with Rose Marcus

This interview with Rose Marcus was conducted by Joan Morton in December 2014. Rose is a frequent presenter at the Guild and has been a member for more than a decade.  JM: When did you first became interested in studying astrology and what sparked your interest? RM: By the time my progressed Pluto stationed direct – at the age of… Read more →

Guild News

At our AGM we launched our new operating year for the 24th time! Our anniversary is October 17, and we were founded in 1991 by 29 astrologers. We are proud to have presented hundreds of talks by both local and international presenters and dozens of workshops. Bringing astrology to Greater Vancouver on the second Thursday of each month with astrological… Read more →

Annual Potluck

Annual Potluck and Social

Thursday December  11, 2014  7:00 PM Annual Potluck and Social for members and friends COME ONE! COME ALL! Our Annual December pot-luck is taking place on Thursday, December 11 at 7 pm. Bring your FESTIVE SPIRIT, your favourite food & beverages to SHARE! If you have a seasonal tablecloths or portable decorations that you can easily bring with you to… Read more →

Year Ahead 2015 with Rose Marcus

When: January 8, 2015 at 7:30 PM 2015—The Year to Come: Aim Higher Where: 317 Columbia Street at the premises of ISA All our events are open to the public, drop in fee $10 for non-members About Rose Marcus Evolutionary Astrologer and author Rose Marcus has written for numerous publications and projects over the years. Her first book, Insights into Evolutionary Astrology,… Read more →

Chat with Andrew Morton

When did you first became interested in studying astrology and what sparked your interest? Well, I would love to say that it was from an early age and that my family background in some way encouraged it, but that was hardly the case, far from it. In fact I didn’t really become engaged in astrology until adulthood and then it… Read more →

Chat with Phyllis Chubb

Chat with Phyllis Chubb

When did you first become interested in studying astrology and what sparked your interest? A man travelling through our community first introduced me to it as a child but when he left so did the information. Later as a young adult I was introduced to it by an astrologer named David Bennett. The first thing he said to me was,… Read more →