Guild News Autumn 2013

The Guild Newsletter is a few days behind schedule (the duration of a virus for the editor). Better late than…so for your reading pleasure, now that Mercury is moving forward again, here is a link to our latest newsletter: Scorpio 2013. Also I am always looking for content, the next issue is coming out in early February with Venus now direct and Mars about to begin his dance retrograde on March 1, it would be nice to hear from those of you wanting to write about Mars…(as an example). This issue has an article about Venus by Anne Massey, Mercury by Gary P. Caton, the final six Nakshatras by Phyllis Chubb…message from the president and information about upcoming talks and events. See you on Thursday for our monthly presentation.

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Anne is the founding president of the Guild and its webmistress. She has worked as an astrologer since 1988. In addition to consulting with clients and teaches astrology and writes about astrology on her websites. Her book on Venus was published by Llewellyn in 2006.

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