2012 Annual Overview, by Rose Marcus

A recording of my January 10, 2012 public lecture “Collective Awakening and the 2012 Momentous Planetary Alignments”, is available for purchase.Please visit my website for more information: rosemarcus.com/astrolink or  email me directly if you would like a copy. rose_marcus@shaw.ca


Annual Overview for 2012

2012 begins with Mars on an extended tour of Virgo. The transit began mid November and will complete by July 3. Mars is usually a quick transit, averaging 6 – 8 weeks through a sign. Due to its retrograde cycle, Jan 23 to April 4, Mars will spend almost 8 months on its current target practice. While lack of jobs remains critical to each nation’s economic wellbeing, Mars will keep each one of us hard at work on our own fix-it programs. With great precision, Mars in Virgo will target the weak, vulnerable, or damaged. The transit serves to uncover what’s lacking, what’s flawed, what isn’t working. In so doing, we’ll get to the core of what needs to be corrected, fixed and healed.

When Mars tours Virgo, the common complaint from the receiving end is often one of “too little, too late”. This or other growing dissatisfactions will set the groundwork for the Mars retrograde, pull-back-and-shift-target cycle. From the end of January through the beginning of April, circumstances shift, we shift. Mars retrograde serves to redirect attention and to refortify ambition. Rather than focus on the external objectives or goal posts, we transfer attention back to self and to personal reconciliation. By creating an added degree of separation or disengagement, Mars retrograde sharpens objectivity and perspective. Mars in retrograde is an internal “heating” influence; a specific momentum builds more steam. Although it may not be in your range of vision, know it is firing up all the same. Certainly this is so for Kim John-Un and the North Korean military machine, Iran’s nuclear program, etc.

Through the middle of January, Mars is well aligned (in trine) with the sun. Pay close attention to events and impressions. What you undertake or become conscious of during this time can be useful and productive. It paves a pathway to improvement and healing.

February 3, Neptune advances into Pisces, its home sign. This is a rare occurrence, in fact, it only happens once every 165 years. From April through August 2011, Neptune dipped a toe into Pisces. During this entire cycle, Kaddafi was invisible. On the other hand, hiding Osama bin Laden, living in seclusion in the middle of an urban center, was found. In gridlock the whole time, just two days prior to Neptune backing out of Pisces, Obama and Congress past legislation that would allow the debt ceiling to be raised. On the day Neptune actually backed out of Pisces the USA lost its triple A credit rating.

Neptune in Pisces will encompass the entirety of Pluto’s transit through Capricorn. It is an iconic time to be alive and an iconic chapter in our planet’s evolution. Through 2026, Neptune in Pisces will continue to raise the collective consciousness and to co-navigate the search for collective redemption.

The Piscean archetype has already been activated by the 2003 to 2011 transit of Uranus in Pisces. Neptune is a much subtler influence that zap planet Uranus, but its influence is equally profound and life-altering. Pisces unlocks the latent potentials, stirs the primordial waters of creation, dissolves separateness consciousness, and awakens us to our ultimate purpose. In the coming years, iconic figures will pen momentous chapters of history. Many of us will find our true calling, many of us can find our ultimate other, whether they show up as a lover or that cherished special one (a dear friend, child, parent, healer, etc.). It also serves to expand our relationship to the divine other.

Neptune in Pisces is a transcendent influence. It dissolves boundaries and prompts us to reach beyond time and space constraints. The Pisces archetype also correlates to our ultimate ideals and inspirations, our imaginings and envisioning.

On the flipside, the Pisces archetype correlates to illusion, disillusionment, disintegration, and loss. It is this mass consciousness that is growing all too common now. The recent concentration in shockwave Aquarius has been awakening. The switch to Pisces increases unification, but it isn’t always a beautiful tale. Over the coming years, we will learn that we are all in it together, that there is no escape from the collective reality we have brought upon ourselves. Intensifying the Piscean experience, Chiron, the wounded healer/teacher, also travels through the sign of the fish (through 2019). Chiron in Pisces suggests the greatest collective teaching may occur through the massive loss of our most precious resource – that of the waters of life – in other words, that which sustains us figuratively (i.e. hope, trust, faith) – and literally. We can no longer afford to compromise our water, food, air, and shelter.

Shortly after Mars completes retrograde, Venus in Gemini does the same. Venus in retrograde, May 15 to June 27 advances relationships and financial matters to a critical and/or fated peak. Consider Mars retrograde as a fore-runner or set-up phase for Venus retrograde. Together, they accelerate our personal, relationship, and social evolution.

Changing signs every year, Jupiter joins Venus in Gemini on 11. Jupiter, planet of expansion, increase, and inflation, is sure to put even more on the move and into circulation. This concentration in Gemini puts the spotlight on growing social, cultural, political and economic trends, on the dualities, the stories, on newsmakers, neighbours, agents, friends, and siblings.

Last year we had 6 eclipses, this year we will have 4. The dates for the solar eclipses are: May 20, Nov 13; the lunar eclipses occur on June 4, and Nov 28. The lunar eclipse on June 4 is a super moon, an astrological high tide. It is even more potent and noteworthy due to the fact that Venus will form a very rare alignment with the sun and earth on June 5 or 6, depending on your time zone. An occultation is a transit similar to an eclipse, but Venus is too small to block the sun entirely. An eclipse is usually a few minutes in duration, the Venus occultation will occur over a six hour period. The start and end of June mark the first of two critical peak periods of the year. That which comes into being around this time sets the cornerstone for our new reality for the long term. Venus in Gemini suggests we’ll see important communication links, agreements, and party lines forged. Important papers and policies can be inked around this time. Certainly it speaks to the standardizing of regulations for the auto and food industries, and the sharing of border information between Canada and the USA.

Watch for important news, announcements, or trends, and for key people, projects, or products to get on the move. It is possible that the contentious oil pipeline issue will make some news around this time. The media, TV, or broadcasting world can make headlines themselves. Gemini also correlates to transportation, commerce, currencies, trading, neighbours, siblings, education, research, etc. Medical advances to do with stem cell research, artificial organs and so on, are also among the range of possibilities. The Venus occultation occurs in the sign of Gemini; watch for double, twin, duplicate, multiple, compounding, parallel, or repetition to occur. When Venus is retrograde, it creates a stronger magnetic draw. If it is karmically destined for you, it will come into being.

The most formidable and history shaping of all planetary alignments, 2012 delivers the first of the hard angle alignments between Uranus and Pluto. There will be seven alignments between 2012 and 2015. The two dates for 2012 are June 24 and Sept 19. Note that and Saturn completes retrograde on June 25 and Venus completes retrograde on June 27. This combination constitutes a major energy surge. A lot can happen at the end of June.

The shake, rattle, and roll Uranus/Pluto influence has been building throughout 2011. We have seen this in the spontaneous combustion of rebellion and uprisings on the planet, through the extreme weather, mass displacements of people, shattering of common lives, and the world economic volatility too. Uranus in dynamic aspect to Pluto serves to accelerate radical change. Their eventfulness can be sudden and instant. Their aftermath will extend well beyond 2016. Uranus square Pluto can spark major shockwaves, sudden upheaval, chaos, rebellion, and destruction, but they also force into being great ingenuity, risk taking, pioneering, and amazing acts of courage. Complacency is shattered, but in its wake comes liberation and amazing new opportunity.

As of the end of August, the karmic (nodal) axis switches from Gemini/Sagittarius (the moving target; everything all at once) to the Taurus/Scorpio survival axis. As of this point, we should start to gain a better fix on things. Noting that one of Scorpio’s correlations is oil, we are sure to see major developments for this industry, not only for the Canada/USA pipeline deal, but also in other areas of the world. Africa is a new frontier in this regard. This Taurus/Scorpio axis keeps economic survival and political agendas on the front burner.

Oct 5, Saturn leaves Libra, to begin a two year trek through Scorpio. When Saturn tenants Scorpio, the squeeze gets a lot more serious. Necessity dictates that we get a lot more ambitious. When push comes to shove, Saturn in Scorpio can accomplish great feats. This planetary placement is one of hidden power plays, corrupt motives, self-serving agendas, manipulation of the system, and control at all costs. It is also one of exposing and putting an end to corruption and the subversive element where-ever it exists. While those in positions of power and influence can manipulate and cheat, they can’t do it for long. Still, it’s always darkest in the middle of the tunnel, and that’s exactly where the Saturn in Scorpio years will position our collective reality. On the positive, Saturn in Scorpio offers the opportunity to harness great power, to resource from the past in an empowering way, to regenerate and rebuild, and to crystallize substantial transformation. This is exactly what we need in order to create the new day’s dawn, our new reality base.

Mercury retrograde begins Nov 6, the day of the US presidential election. Obama was inaugurated during Mercury retrograde too. His karmic public service is not yet fulfilled. Expect his re-election.

The solar eclipse on Nov 13 is a super moon in Scorpio, sign of rebirth, transformation, agendas, and power-plays. The lunar eclipse on Nov 28 re-energizes Venus from the end of June. Accompanying the lunar eclipse, Mars conjoining Pluto in Capricorn set us onto a new evolutionary program. These eclipses constitute the second major peak of the year.

ARIES (March 21- April 19)

Mars in Virgo calls you to task and keeps you striving harder through the first half of the year. This is a productive placement for Virgo, so long as you align with the program rather than fight it. Aim to refine your skills, methods and coping skills. Concentrate on improving your diet and health regimes too. If you have loose ends to attend to, don’t procrastinate. By the time Venus (April 3) and Jupiter enter Gemini (June 11) you’ll be primed for something new to open up.

A sibling, friend, neighbour, agent, colleague, or rival can be a key catalyst in the year ahead. Venus retrograde, mid May through the end of June, takes you to a critical karmic threshold. You are offered an opportunity to tie up loose ends, to step forward your unfinished business, and/or to harvest that which you have accumulated over many lifetimes. As you grow, you will discover more resources than you knew existed inside of you. Person, place, or thing, more than one new avenue can open for you. When destiny strikes you’ll feel a strong sense of déjà vu.

You’ll feel Uranus square Pluto the strongest if you are born March 25 to 30, but of course we’ll all feel the effects.

Saturn in Libra has been maturing you in a multitude of ways. It has brought you to this present stage of relationship ripening. The face you show to the world has been chiselled into the map it now is. As of October, you will move into the next phase of your evolution. You will learn to forge a more intimate relationship with your conscious self, your closest relationships, your intimate needs and experiences. In fact, you present self will forge a more intimate relationship with your own soul. Saturn in Scorpio also puts the spotlight on financial matters (inheritances, debt, taxes, joint resources, consolidation, down sizing, etc.)

TAURUS (April 20 -May 20)

2012 continues your accelerated growth curve, thanks largely to the transits of Jupiter in Taurus to June 11, and Mars in Virgo, to July 3. Your energy and enthusiasm is your winning ticket. Put it to work and watch how far it gets you.  This first half of the year directs your attention to improving yourself physical and material status.

You’ll feel the strong hand of fate pulling the strings as Venus tours retrograde, mid May through end of June. Venus in aspect to the sun at the beginning of June brings you to a significant opportunity, harvest and fruition threshold. Venus and sun ignite a rich and fertile manifesting cycle. It is a highlight time of self-discovery, creativity, self mastery, and of coming into your own. What you resource or tap from within can prove to be your golden ticket. You could discover a special talent or knack, become a protégé or chosen one. If a new love or a pregnancy occurs, the bond/the karma/the one is special. If you reach this point and as good as it gets isn’t good enough, well, that’s an answer too.

Saturn’s advance into Scorpio in October brings circumstances and relationships to a maturation point. You’ll either feel you have successfully achieved what you have aimed for, and can work to further solidify and grow, or necessity will dictate that you start over again.


GEMINI (May 21-June 21)

Restless for something new? Mars in Virgo suggests you can feel you are outgrowing your life circumstances. Home, family, health, and security needs can keep you juggling. A new business, training program, or self-employment can take it out of you too, but you know upfront effort is necessary. You seem quite ready for it. In this first half of the year, Mars and Jupiter are seeding and stage setting. Either you are building to a launch point when you can take what’s been developing to the next level, or you are building to a release point when its time to let go and move in an altogether new direction. You should readily know the difference. Mars in retrograde, Jan 23 through April 13 is heating up influence. You should feel reinvigorated and ready to launch as early as April 3, when Venus moves into Gemini. You’ll spread your wings even further by the start of June, thanks to the lunar eclipse (June 4), Venus eclipsing (occulting) the sun and Jupiter entrance into Gemini (June 11). The first ten days of June delivers an actual or karmic contract peak. This time will be significantly shaping for the long haul. Expect to take a major step forward.


CANCER (June 22-July 22)

Whether you study in the school of life or sign up for formal training, Mars in Virgo aims to sharp your deductive reasoning through the beginning of July.  Mars in Virgo can necessitate a change of plans, or upgrades to transportation, marketing, communications, or schedules. Too, problematic relationships will need to be addressed. If you aren’t getting enough help or you aren’t satisfied with the advice or offerings, explore alternate options. A new agent, advisor, counsellor, or career focus could be the ticket. Those born June 25 to 30 will feel the catapulting effects of Uranus square Pluto the strongest, but of course we’ll all feel it at some level. Career wise, personally, relationship wise, Uranus/Pluto require that you rise to the challenge of completely restructuring your life. Let the past go and allow the evolving new course to set its own watermark. In other words, take dictation from moment. Don’t try to control what is naturally developing, align with it instead.

Neptune’s advance into Pisces in February and Saturn’s advance into Scorpio in October help to create a smoother sail. Along with the Venus retrograde cycle earlier in the year (May to July), they can help you to unlock vocational, creative, or romantic potentials that have so far eluded you. Saturn can bring some of you to a pinnacle of achievement and professional recognition, perhaps even significant notoriety. Marriage or a new family can be in the works for some. Neptune and Saturn are also of great support to those pursuing a spiritual calling.


LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)

It seems you have a lot of working it out to do. Mars in Virgo will concentrate your attention on your climbing-up-and-out mandate through the beginning of July. It will be especially so during the Mars retrograde cycle (Jan 23 to April 13). Financial improvement is one of the chief areas of concern. Belt tightening is a good place to start. You can help yourself along by cutting back on wasteful spending. A little here and there, it adds up to more than you realize. Pay closer attention and you’ll see how much you fritter away without notice. Body, mind, and/or soul, health is another major area to upgrade. Turn off the mindless TV watching, sign up at the gym, and do yourself the good you know you deserve. By the middle of March, you should have a good handle on what works and what is most worthy of your time, heart, and money. This is a productive and solidifying time, when career, work, finances, and health matters can come together in some substantial way.

Both Mars retrograde and Venus retrograde can be separation, single out or pull back influences.  Mid May through the end of June can redirect your involvements or change your lifestyle in some significant way. You can feel the need to withdrawal from specific people, groups or communities, or you’ll feel the strong arm of fate pull you in. It can be a time to franchise, to transfer to a satellite office, to change your marketing strategy or product offerings, to switch gears altogether. A legal matter (personal or professional) can peak at this time too. Jupiter’s one year tour of Gemini, starting June 11 increases your social life and your social awareness. New interests grow more significant. You’ll move from the staging or biding time phase into the take-flight chapter.

Launching Oct 5, Saturn’s 2 ½ year tour of Scorpio can restructure your career, your ambitions, and your life’s priorities in some significant, even profound way.  You could step into a more influential role, become a mentor, authority figure, parent (or parent to a parent), or accredited professional, or you could put an official end to a career, personal, professional, or relationship status.


VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
January keeps you motoring through one thing after another at a steady clip. Mars in Virgo keeps your physical energy high and your libido too. Don’t take chances on your health. Do everything you can to keep body, mind and soul in good running order. Don’t mess with drugs, alcohol, or toxic substances, people included! Things can come back to bite you, and you will not like the sting.
On the other hand, apply yourself and watch how far you can get. Your courage, creativity and initiative can meet with great reward, especially while Jupiter tenants Taurus (through the start of June). Mars in Virgo can signal your “break out” time. Mars retrograde (Jan 23 to April 13) puts you through a refining and staging cycle. You could pull back a little during this time, but once the retrograde is over, you are like a race horse out the gate. Of course, the cycle itself can be very productive. Even though Mercury is retrograde, the middle of March can be quite lucrative; things could fall into place quite beautifully, perhaps surprisingly so. It is a key staging time for what comes next.

April through July will redirect the course of your life in some significant way. Venus retrograde can see you through a career or relationship status change. Consider returning to school, diversifying your portfolio, your client base, or your product offerings, move into a different line of work, job share, or relocate for better opportunity. Write your memoires or rewrite your life. Team up, sign up. Adopt a child, an extended family, a community, or a new approach to money, life, and love.

Neptune in Pisces, beginning in February, and Saturn in Scorpio, starting in October, will help you to resource relationships and to express yourself in a more open and empowered way.


LIBRA (Sept 22-Oct 22)
You have more going on, and more going for you than readily meets the eye. Mars in Virgo keeps plenty on brew through the beginning of July. For some, this Mars influence can produce free floating anxiety that can be hard to pin down. For others, it can be a hermit or healing cycle. For all Libra, it is one of study, personal reflection, and of building up one’s stamina and self confidence. If you can’t find it naturally, you’ll have to manufacture it. How you say? Through the active practice of trial and error; experience is always the best teacher. Trust more and you will get there. In fact, by the middle of March you are likely to make a significant breakthrough for yourself.

It can be a whole other ball game once Venus (starting April 3) and Jupiter (starting June 11) move into Gemini. Both these planetary influences can set you free and/or open up your consciousness or your life in ways you may not have imagined previously. April through August is the active highpoint of your year. Relocate, publish, broadcast, perform, study, teach, increase your public profile, connect with the world, jump on a bandwagon, try your luck, say I do or bust loose.

Uranus square Pluto is radically transforming for those of you born Sept 28 to Oct 3, but of course major lifestyle and career changes are afoot for all of us. June 24 and Sept 19 can signify major pressure and sudden release threshold points, but the influence of this dynamic hook-up is activated all year.

By the time Saturn exits Libra and enters Scorpio on Oct 5, you will have completed a critical qualifying step in your ongoing evolution. Saturn in transforming Scorpio takes you into much deeper waters. You’ll naturally become more committed to your material, emotional, and spiritual aspirations. Saturn in Scorpio can secure an intimate relationship, or it can end one. When push comes to shove, you will find you become much more resourceful, even shrewd. Saturn in Scorpio takes you through a definitive mapping it out cycle. When it comes to your personal empowerment, and a life worth living, it is got to be all of you and all the way.


SCORPIO (Oct 23~Nov 22)
Didn’t expect to be here now, or to see things turn out the way they have? Has your life taken an unexpected turn or detour? Sidelined, broadsided or simply striving, you have plenty of adjusting to do yet. Through July, Mars in Virgo will continue to busy you with a major life style change. And if it hasn’t happened yet, it will soon enough.

Mars in retrograde, Jan 23 to April 13, can reconnect you in some significant way. It can also signal a cut-out or cut-off time.
Uranus in Aries square Pluto can introduce you to plenty of new avenues, resources, ideas, potentials, etc. It can radically transform the nature of your work and/or your everyday activities and habits. This influence will be operative for a few years to come, so you’ll have plenty of time to try something new on for size. Uranus in Aries is an appropriate influence for self employment, for getting off the grid or other independence initiatives. Too, Uranus can bring new and unexpected challenges. If it nags you, don’t put it off. Prioritize health, safety, and safeguards.
The sign advances of Venus into Gemini, starting April 3, and Jupiter into Gemini, starting June 11, put the added spotlight on finances, legal matters, paperwork, on teaming up, pooling or dividing resources or liabilities. There’s important negotiating, revisiting or sorting out to do while Venus tours retrograde, mid May through the end of June. By mid to late August, you’ll start to feel you can take back the reigns, that you feel more sure footed or in control. By October 3, Saturn in Scorpio will walk you over a major threshold and into a new life chapter.


SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22~Dec21)
Mars in Virgo finds you doing target practice on the ceilings or barriers that have prevented you from getting to where you want to and need to be. You know you can create more security and self consistency. You know you can improve upon your material and emotional baselines. You know you have a lot more to accomplish.

Mars in Virgo also makes you aware of the difficulties out there in the world that are diminishing your better options. It makes you aware of how much you are aging, how little time is left, and how much of it has been wasted so far. When you add all this together, it can seem as though ambition is climbing in through the back door, but that is of no matter. What is important, even critical, is that you continue to stay fired up to get a move on, to plug those holes, to fill those gaps, and to get somewhere better than you are.

Mars in retrograde, Jan 23 to April 13, requires that you redirect the attention to inner rather than outer productivity. It’s a good time for reassessment and study, for re-organization, creative undertakings, and for renegotiating contracts or responsibilities. Career wise and in personal life dealings too, it is time to stand apart from the crowd, and to create more distinction for yourself. Along with Venus retrograde, May 15 to June 27, it is time to address a specific issue or relationship. It can be time to back off with hands on parenting and to allow another to find their own way, skinned knees and all. Both retrograde cycles revisit critical karmic crossroads.

The lunar eclipse and Venus occultation mark the beginning of June as a leap moment for relationships, finances and legal matters. Your social life or public profile can move, perhaps even explode, into a new direction too. The eclipse and occultation are particularly igniting for those born Dec 5 to 7. Those born near the end of November may experience a delayed reaction time; watch the eclipse catalyst on November 28 to reference back to this June timeframe. Whether it shows up as a compelling call to action or an inner yearning, all Sagittarians will feel a sense of being summoned by the stronger winds of fate.

Ready or not, Uranus square Pluto spurs you to your personal liberation. When the iron strikes hot, you could surprise even yourself. There’s no road map for this one. The new pathway is uniquely yours to create. Progressively, you will express and create with great dynamism. Can you hear that Star-trek line playing in the back of your head? “To boldly go..” While Uranus tenants Aries (to 2019), it’s a good motto to adopt.
Saturn’s advance into Scorpio beginning in October signals a refortifying-from-within chapter. Whether you are conscious of the bigger picture or not, you’ll eventually come to deepen your commitment to the evolutionary program your soul has already chosen for you.

Through the beginning of July, discriminating Mars in Virgo will help you to get clearer about the direction forward and what works best for you. This influence gives you better access into your own psychology. It helps you to address your fears and insecurities, and it helps you to put intention into action too.

Mars in retrograde, Jan 23 to April 13, is a time to retrace steps, revisit places, plans, projects or agreements. Signalizing a preparatory, editing, or finalization phase, it is also a time to get into specifics and to clear away the loose ends.

Venus retrograde, May 15 to June 27, can see you revisit a work, health, communication, equipment, or transportation issue. You can run into added complexity with paperwork or permits too. Noting Venus retrograde occurs soon after taxes are due, make sure to do your proper due diligence when compiling data. The first week or so of June is a time to stay especially alert, especially when travelling, planning, or connecting. The lunar eclipse and Venus occultation can ignite something completely unexpected.

Uranus square Pluto is especially revolutionizing for those of you born Dec 26 to 30. This influence speeds you along your personal and private life reinvention. It sets circumstances into play and loans you the courage you need to break free of the old you and the old life.
Saturn’s advance into Scorpio, beginning Oct 3, empowers you to take the next important step in your ongoing evolution.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20~Feb 18)
Neptune has travelled through Aquarius since 1998. On Feb 3, Neptune will advance into Pisces, to remain until 2026. In the coming years, you will unlock even more of the treasure trove that you brought with you when you entered this life and you’ll make more use of the resources, talents, and capacities you have already discovered. This Neptune placement can help you to find your true calling and perhaps even your true love too. It is a subtle influence and it grows over time.

Through July, Mars in Virgo calls you to task to correct relationship or financial shortfalls. This Mars placement can also suggest a need for surgery or specialized medical treatment. It’s always good to take care of things sooner rather than later, but try to avoid Mercury retrograde if you need to schedule a procedure, unless of course it’s a repeat or something minor, in which case, feel free to schedule what works for you best. Interest rates will continue low, so you need to borrow (for new wheels perhaps?), go right ahead.

Venus in Gemini (April 3 to Aug 7) and Jupiter in Gemini (June 11 through June 2012) bring opportunity and increase where you’ll appreciate it the most. Venus retrograde, May 15 to June 27, is a very potent, karmically destined time for creative expression, career, social involvement, love and children (having them, raising them, letting them go.) Thanks to the lunar eclipse and Venus occultation, you can see catapulting circumstances and/or feel a sense of a new portal opening as of the beginning June.

The beginning and middle of June, and the end of July can be a time to sign a contract, to say I do, to relocate, or to commit to a new plan for yourself and your life. This can be a significant time of career or scholastic accomplishment; of taking a stand, spreading your wings, or making your presence known in some official way. It’s also a good time for market exploration, publishing, performing, exhibiting, consulting, mentoring, apprenticeship, agenting, media involvement, etc.

Uranus in Aries helps you to see the world around you in a new way. It introduces you to new ideas, people and helps you to make important new inroads. Uranus sharpens your intuition, your reaction time and makes you quicker on the ball. Uranus square Pluto places you on the cutting edge of trends; in fact, it can catapult you to the forefront.
Saturn in Scorpio, beginning Oct 3 can radically transform the structure of your life. If you have thought of making a career change, start training for it now.

PISCES (Feb 19~March 20)
Through July, Mars in Virgo will keep the focus on others, their needs, weakness, health, etc. Too, it will put an added spotlight on the dissatisfactions and shortfalls of relationships. This Mars placement can put you on a continuous search for more viable prospects, clients, or reward; for better advice, better support, and for more money too. Mars in retrograde, Jan 23 to April 13 can temporarily redirect your attention onto a specific project or an alternate concern. It may give you the chance to pull back a little more.

Venus and Jupiter in Gemini (April 3, June 11) turn home into a hub of activity, with more than the usual comings and goings. Jupiter could put you on the hunt for a new residence, or see you welcome a new household member. Anything you do to enhance property value, to add comfort, or to beautify surroundings is money well spent. Rental income or investment in a home based business is a good idea too. Venus and Jupiter can see family grow and thrive; they take you through a positive personal growth cycle too.

The lunar eclipse and Venus occultation mark the beginning of June as a critical turning point in the war against yourself, and the polarizations between your inner and outer needs. Things could snowball in some unexpected way. This eclipse/occult catalyst could suddenly unleash you or set you free. It could provide a moment of truth, a significant release point, or an opportunity you can’t afford to miss out on. Too, you could see a family member or partner could take a big career or personal step forward.

Neptune’s advance into Pisces, beginning Feb 3, launches your “time has come” chapter. You will feel the benefits of this influence and that of Saturn in Scorpio (starting Oct 3), the strongest if you are born Feb 18 to 22. By the end of August, and more so, October through December, you’ll find your best water mark. The stellar backdrop bodes well for financial ambitions, career and creative endeavour, and for affairs of the heart.

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