2016 brings New space and New Weekday

Thursdays in 2016 following dinner, hear talks by local and international astrologers at Stefanos Lounge in New Westminster. We won’t meet on statutory holiday Mondays so below is a calendar of the dates for 2016.
The new year launches with a presentation by Nick Dagan Best, who recently relocated to our area. The date January 11 and time 7:30 PM. Details and topic will be posted soon. Any workshops will be hosted elsewhere in the greater Vancouver area and may precede the talk depending on who is presenting and whether they are from out of town.

  • We do not pay for the room as many of us meet at 5 PM for dinner
    • Do join us it is always such a great time and an opportunity to network and socialize
  • To support our gracious host, we hope that you will opt to order a beverage or dessert as the waitress assigned to us will need to earn her keep
  • Beginning in January we will have a talk over a drink or dessert
    •  You could also have something during the presentation
  • It is a private event for the Guild, however open for anyone interested in astrology.

Our rental at ISA will not be renewed; so after almost 24 years we are on the move. January is the first date we will be meeting at Stefanos Lounge. The drop in fee is $15 for non-members and our members attend each event without an additional charge. Our dues for the year are $50 for each member. You can renew and join online or in person at the monthly event.

It is interesting to contemplate the planetary days and hours. We were founded on a Jupiter day with Jupiter in Virgo conjunct Venus in the fourth house. For 24 years we have met on Jupiter’s day… As we switch to Mondays we are also switching to a Moon day. Our Moon is in Aquarius at the top of our chart, in the 10th house 20° into the sign. guildsimple
For our first talk we will begin with a Moon hour and Leo rising (Nick will be happy, he has loads of Leo planets…) and we will finish during the Saturn hour, I guess he will get really serious about then… with Saturn in Sagittarius about the future and tempering the restrictions the planetary influence brings with realistic optimism.

For our dinner gathering from 5 PM onward the hour is that of Venus…the hours each day begin at sunrise and end the following sunrise, and start with the same as the day. So Mondays begin with the Moon at sunrise, and the hours from sunrise to sunset are divided into twelve. The Moon gets four hours in the course of a Monday. In the winter the planetary hours are short during the day and long during the night in the northern hemisphere.

On February 15, the Ascendant will be in Virgo with Jupiter rising, thus our fourth house and the Moon will be in Gemini. The hour on that Moon day will be Mercury, the Moon hour begins 19:46 with Saturn talking over at 20:55. This will be interesting to observe.

For our March gathering we’ll have our lot of spirit Ascending in Virgo, wonder who we have presenting. It will be a Venus hour, followed by Mercury and the Moon hours. The Moon will be in Gemini–this talk might be a long one, which promises to be an excellent one.

So what about April, the presentation begins with the Sun hour and the Sun is exalted in Aries. About 43 minutes in we get the Mars hour and Mars will be in Sagittarius (Mars spends a lot of time in Sagittarius this year…). I have an app on my phone, free one called planetary times and it announces the planetary hour. I have been noticing how the energy changes when the hour changes…

What thoughts might you wish to share here about the planetary hours…

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