2016 with Nick Dagan Best

  • When: Monday January 11, 2016
  • Where: Stefanos’ Lounge, 315 Columbia Street, New Westminster
  • Presentation begins 7:30 PM
  • Pre-gathering dinner, do join us, from 5:00 PM onward
    • Private event for our members and those interested in astrology
  • Drop in fee $15/members attend for free

About Nick

nickbestNick Dagan Best is an astrologer based in Vancouver, Canada. Nick began studying astrology on his own in January 1995, and then with a series of teachers with the NCGR in New York City from 1997-2000, earning a Level III certification. Nick has been collecting mundane and natal data for his own research database since 1999. A featured speaker at numerous conferences over the years, he currently hosts the I Love Astrology podcast.

2016: Clean, Lean, and Mean

2016 is on the timetable, and what a year it will be. Mutable signs will be feeling the co-presence of Mars retrograde with Saturn in Sagittarius during the spring, while earth signs will be the ones getting poked by Mercury retrogrades every few months. And let’s not forget about the ongoing Pluto-Uranus square. Nick offers an overview of what the planets have in store for you and the world in the coming year.

See our new Moon schedule in a very lunar kind of location–yes, in a restaurant, but not in a public space, although anyone interested in astrology and Nick’s presentation is welcome to attend. There is a drop in fee…



One thought on “2016 with Nick Dagan Best

  1. Sandra wrote on our Facebook: Yayyy! We had our 1st FVAG meeting of 2016 with Nick Dagan Best!
    He unveiled the planetary trends this year in his own unique style.
    We were blessed to have him speak for us and now he’s off to India to keep spreading his Astrological knowledge all over the world!
    We wish you every success Nick, you earned it!!

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