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annemassey2012It is with great sadness to let you know that our beloved Anne Massey passed away early this morning about 5:30 am. She was in hospital/hospice just 6 weeks. Her sons are planning a service. It maybe on the 19th but they are all just discussing plans for now. I will provide information as soon as I know for sure what is happening.

As hard as this is for all of us and as much as we will all miss her, it is truly a blessing for Anne. She suffered enough… When she could still speak, she talked about seeing her mom and Rick (her deceased husband) again …I am sure they are all having a joyous reunion in heaven…

Let’s all remember the best times and what wonderful contributions Anne made to our world – ASTROLOGY and otherwise!



Rebecca Garcia

President of Fraser Valley Astrological Guild…

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  1. Anne founded the Guild on October 17th, 1991 – the day of Inception! Since then, she had been its heart and soul. Whatever role she performed, she was always there, watching and nurturing. The Guild was truly her baby.

    Many have come through the hallowed space and spirit of astrological instruction of the Guild as initiates, apprentices or old masters – like Anne. It has been a haven, or coven!, if you like, for learning and living this ancient art. We have been awed and inspired, humbled and hooked. Astrology is more than a mere fascination. It is a path of great insight, much trodden and worn smooth by ancient genius of archetype, symbolism and knowing. It is a journey from the past, through the present and into the future. Known and deciphered only by those who recognize its unfailing wisdom and study thoroughly its planetary dances of twists and turns, warnings and messages. It follows cycles of action, repose, harmony and discontent. It is an ever unfolding book of wisdom, rising and setting day and night, ever informing and displayed brilliantly in the sky above.

    Anne was a devoted patron of Astrology. Her enthusiasm, insight and guidance instructed us all – student or not! We all learned to take note of her forecasts as her foresight into events, unfolding through auspicious or ominous aspects, transits or progressions were, by and large, accurate. Her lectures were in depth, informative and inspiring. Comments, conversations and debate were frequent elements of any lecture, but especially those conducted by Anne. She encouraged the application of universal events to be understood on a personal level, and to therefore, be made meaningful. As above, so below.

    With her personal touch and involvement, over the years, the Guild became a community of not only Astrologers, but life-long friends. Our meetings were not only events of learning and understanding but a place of socializing and connecting. How else could it be. We all knew way too much about each others business as all chart information was willingly shared, analysed and commented upon. Having very few secrets, of course, we have all become very close. This is a unique aspect to being part of the Guild, and something that each of us can be truly grateful for – to be part of such a caring and supportive group. Of course, we have Anne to thank for creating just such a space.

    Many of us learned the seemingly incomprehensible language of Astrology from Anne. She was a loyal and steadfast teacher. Classes with her were always overly generous in her comprehensive understanding and thoroughness of concepts. Many memorable classes were held in her beautiful chateau-like home in Ft. Langley – not the least of which were typically catered by her friendly and fun husband Rick and his famous quiches!

    She motivated and inspired her students through not only the fundamentals but steered them through the certification process of further coursework and exams to be able to practise their Astrological Art to the highest standards of understanding and excellence. Standardization and competency were important markers of expertise for Anne who employed these highest levels of proficiency herself.

    The famous annual laminate was Annes invention. It was a handy reference guide to a million pieces of information melt into one. It informed us all of planetary movements and the inevitable fateful impacts we were destined to either enjoy or endure. We kept them within arms reach to consult whenever life got bumpy or those close to us begged to know of their own relief from a suffocating Saturn or miserable Mars influence. Their convenience was invaluable and will be missed greatly in years to come.

    Anne was a born leader. She was never the standoffish type but rather someone who would observe keenly and then boldly step forward into any opportunity where she could envision a dream or help in any way. She liked the role of leadership and would focus all her effort and expertise to her causes, hobbies, friends, family or interests – all with the same exacting expectations of excellence.

    Finally, Anne was, most importantly, a great friend. She had many close friendships in her life – many cemented through the tight bounds of the Astrology community but elsewhere as well, through her many interests, travels, family and close neighbours. She loved to talk and phone calls were typically hours rather than minutes. She was never shallow in her perspective but had a keen, deep interest in subjects from the esoteric to the mundane. Evenings socializing were always entertaining with plenty of wine and chat and good food. She loved to bring people together and going to
    her home was often the hub for such get-togethers. She loved to socialize, especially at her favourite spot – Stephanos – before a Guild meeting. This was an important element for her, forging and maintaining friendships so that Astrology night was always more than just a meeting but truly a social event.

    She was not someone you could soon forget. Nor will any of us who knew her, loved her, debated with her and respected her. We will forever miss her.

    God speed Anne.

    May the Lord bless you and may He keep you in our hearts.
    May you now, from your lofty view, inspire and inform us of all planetary happenings, astrologically speaking …

    Thank you Anne – Cheers!

  2. Every word is so well thought out and beautifully expressed Marnie …a truly wonderful tribute to Anne
    We will miss her dearly . Anne you were one of a kind and forever in our hearts and charts !

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