AGM 2015

guild-geodeticOur annual general meeting is held October 8 at 6:15 PM  preceding the talk by Chris McRae on “Geodetic Astrology” at 7:30 pm. We will meet at 317 Columbia Street, New Westminster.

On October 17, we will have our 24th anniversary, and begin our 25th year of operations. We have some big decisions to make, so members please attend this important annual general meeting. Be part of the Guild’s future by attending  and voting on the issues that will shape our future. Our Jupiter return is just around the corner and transit Saturn has left our Scorpio planets…

The adjacent chart is for the Guild using Geodetic Angles for New Westminster with Koch House cusps. Interesting in light of our longevity. The talk by Chris is going to give you fresh insights. If you click on the image, you will get a bigger version. How it all works, I will leave the discussion for Chris, who wrote the book on this topic (unfortunately the rewritten version is still with the publisher…)

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