Anne Massey: Mars Story 2016

  • When: Monday March 14, 2016
  • Where: Stefanos’ Lounge, 315 Columbia Street, New Westminster
  • Presentation begins 7:30 PM
  • Pre-gathering dinner, do join us, from 5:00 PM onward you know Anne will be there ☺
    • Private event for our members and those interested in astrology
  • Drop in fee $15/members attend for free

mars-arcs-2016Planets in the ever-changing, living sky represents external events and help or hindrance in our lives. Mars represents the warrior within us; capable of being the great defender or a most ruthless offender. Everything has a spectrum of expression. Mars in the natal chart represents what we are willing to do in order to have what we desire. Mars in transit works slightly differently, it tends to pose the question: “what are you willing to do about it?” Mars at its best is about how we assert ourselves, get our needs met and how we protect what is ours. Mars at its worst is eager to attack just because or in a vain attempt to appear stronger, more virile or to win status as the alpha male or female. Better to defend and to offend might be healthier Mars attitude.

In 2016 Mars has a unique travel plan—these don’t repeat very often; this one harkens back to 1937, with similarities to 1984 and even 2001. In this talk I will talk about how this story might unfold, and provide hints and tips for making the most about the long retrograde period; and of course handouts in addition to the PowerPoint slides.

annemassey2012Anne Massey is a certified professional astrologer, the author of Venus, her Cycles, Symbols and Myths with a full time practice since 1988. In addition to offering consultations for her clientele, she teaches both online and in person find details on her websites. Currently Anne serves as the web-editor the Guild, an organization for which she is the founding president, and as an international VP for Canada for the International Society for Astrological Research.

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