April 11 with Tony Dickey

Why the 2040’s are Already Here.

changed-plansTony Dickey was forced to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. We will have a round table in the place of this talk.

An Outer Planet Guide to the 21st Century

tonydickeyJust about every astrologer understands the impact of events connected to the 2010’s Uranus-Pluto square. From the Great Recession to the Arab Spring the square has lived up to its billing. Just as important the connection between the 1960’s conjunction between the two planets. So much manifested under the square first appeared during that tumultuous decade.

Why the 2040’s are Already Here looks in the other direction. A holistic look at outer planet cycles, from short-term to long-term, gives us ideas of what we face in in the coming decades and how to act accordingly.

Using a techniques called Measuring History, Tony will introduce ways to expand our view of past and present into a cycle-based holistic view of future trends. The 2040’s coincide with many of humanity’s most difficult challenges. It is only a generation away!

Tony has administered the Facebook open group mundane astrologers on Facebook since 2010. He also publishes the Facebook pages, US Chart at mundaneastrologers.com, Measuring History (site and Facebook page) and the Facebook page: Why the 2040’s are Already Here. Tony specializes reading history and combining it with mundane astrology. Some day he’ll finish writing the books he started writing on the topic.

Contact email: earledickey@gmail.com

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