April 13, 2017, with Tim Stephens – New Methods in Astrology: Tim Stephen’s Credible Techniques in Delineating a Chart of his Numerous Clients…

Tim will share with you his credible techniques on:

1) The marriage part chart (and love part charts (based on Arabic Parts);
2) The numerology of aspects (e.g., a 4-degree square has a different effect than a 3-degree orb square;
3) The orb of an aspect “refers” you to another house for additional interpretation. (E.g., a 5 deg square will “refer” to the fifth house from the “oppressed planet” (the one at the bottom of the square);
4) The role of Saturn, Neptune and Pluto in relationship charts: destined to grow or fail? Other than #4, he invented/discovered Nos. 1-3 methods; and
5) How one combines the solar and rising charts for a “third avenue” of discovery.

Tim Stephens is an excellent International Professional Astrologer who used to live in Vancouver for decades and now lives in Gibsons, BC. He was born in Waltham, MA, U.S.A. June 6, 1948 at 2:30 pm — but has lived in Canada since 1955. He has decades of Astrological experience. He has a Psychic gift as well. He discovered this gift in University, when he told a female classmate (whom he otherwise had no contact with) something about her relationship with her father, whom he had never met… His female classmate was shocked when Tim mentioned her father; she was surprised that Tim knows so many things about her father where in fact Tim hasn’t met her father yet…

His astrology blog is read by 80,000 people a week directly, and by millions through secondary sites. His column is published by newspapers in India, and is disseminated through China. Tim has practiced astrology since 1978, and has clients in North America, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Russia, China, Japan, Philippines, Australia, Central America, etc.

His predictions, most published in his syndicated newspaper column or, since 2012, in his blog, have included the bull market that began in 1980, the fall of interest rates from 12% to (now) 1%, the first Gulf War, the ups and downs of markets and economies, both Trudeau’s and Trump’s election victories, the Challenger Shuttle blow-up, the great crash of 1987, Chernobyl (“a black sun will blossom”) AIDS, and many others.

When he did a Workshop in the Vancouver Public Library a decade ago, hundreds of people attended. Everyone was impressed with his excellent presentation…

He graduated at the University of British Columbia: MFA.

Tim Stephens’ Personal Astrology Readings

To arrange an appointment for a personal in-depth reading, please call Tim Stephens at 604-886-4808 (in Canada). Readings are provided in person or by telephone, Skype, or email — suningem@gmail.com. Website: http://www.astralreflections.com

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