April 2009 Talk

April 9, 2009 7:30PM

Free Will versus Fate presented by Thaya

We welcome back Thaya with a lecture that will be thought provoking, intriguing and I’m sure very fascinating as we look at Karma versus Free Will. She will share her approach regarding determination of the level of free will and fate in a personal chart. She pays special attention to the cycles of Black Moon (Lilith) and White Moon (Selena) and their positions in a natal chart, which shows accumulation of dark and light karma in our past incarnations. Do we have karmic debts or credits?

One thought on “April 2009 Talk

  1. I really enjoyed this lecture. Thaya had lots for us to think about. How the fixed stars effect our chart, and, of course the passage of the nodes through our chart. When those nodes hit one of our angles or planets, we know it!

    Thanks Thaya for sharing your knowledge.

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