April 9 with Anne Massey

annemassey2012The quest to understand the deeper purpose of our existence can be elusive. There are questions without answers; we’ll never know. However, the astrological chart provides numerous clues and insights; indeed everything in it is a hint. 

The doors open at 7 PM and the presentation begins at 7:30 PM, you could also join us for dinner before the talk at Stephanos

Why am I here?

The whispers of the gods

As astrologers we are expected to venture into the world beyond in order to query the will of the gods. Astrology is a form of divination. We look at the various gods better known as planets and what messages they hold for the person—some are loud and others mere whispers. Over the years I have looked into the astrology of reincarnation, karma, fate, destiny versus choice, etc. The unknown fascinates me… and it is vital to me that the information I share resonates with my clients …So tonight we will explore some of my favourite tools, in an attempt to answer that age-old question.

Bring along your chart with the four major asteroids, Chiron and the part of fortune included. (If you know how, have the last item calculated by day or night rather than using the modern formula; one size fits all—it doesn’t.) If you need your chart emailed to you, please send me your birth data (name, date, time and place) at least by a full day before the talk.

Anne Massey is a certified professional astrologer, the author of Venus, her Cycles, Symbols and Myths with a full time practice since 1988. In addition to offering consultations for her clientele, she teaches both online and in person. Currently Anne serves as the past president, web-editor and Education Committee Chair for the Guild, and as an international VP for Canada for the International Society for Astrological Research. Check out her interview by Joan Morton

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