April Nina Gryphon


Financial Astrology

Nina Gryphon is a practicing traditional astrologer and corporate lawyer living in Kennewick, Washington, with her husband, Robert. Her predictions have appeared in numerous national and international media.  She received her JD from Stanford University, and completed John Frawley’s Horary Apprenticeship. Since then, she has studied with Deborah Houlding, a leading traditional astrologer.

Finances in the Natal Horoscope

Use traditional astrological methods to locate and maximize potential for wealth in your natal horoscope and determine your overall luck, level of wealth, and best sources of income. We will learn a step-by-step, systematic method of looking for wealth in the natal horoscope that you can take away and apply to your own practice. Our methods will include those described by the 17th century English astrologer William Lilly, and the 13th century Italian astrologer Guido Bonatti, but have no fear: our approach is highly hands-on and practical!  Feel free to bring one natal horoscope to apply the chart analysis methods on the spot.

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