Astro-Visuals by Martha Jablonski-Jones

On May 10 2012 Martha will be presenting a talk on

Astrovisuals: Using Imagery to understand your planets

Based on its position in the birthchart, each planet provides us with a unique set of skills and aptitudes to use in our lives. By visually personifying these planets as literal characters, we might gain a more tangible grasp on how best to use their particular attributes. Using recognizable mythological or legendary archetypes, artist/astrologer Martha Jablonski-Jones creates a beautiful and functional map/portrait of the individual chart.

In this presentation, we will move into the visually imaginative right-brain, tapping into universal images for deeper meaning. Sit back and enjoy. As Karl Jung said, “The soul consists of images.” We’ll do our soul-searching by looking at many examples of Astrovisual portraits, and how the planets change by house and sign. Mercury is a communicator–but is he a poet or an accountant? Is loving lady Venus an earth mother or a seductress?

Martha Jablonski-Jones (aka Martha Jones) has divided her attention between art and astrology since her early twenties. She has presented her Astrovisuals at numerous astrology conferences, has written articles for Mountain Astrologer, and created the illustrations for Cosmic Patterns’ astrological software, Kepler. She has worked with clients, and has provided monthly outlooks for the last five years to Patricia Gomes Intuition Workshops in Calgary. She is currently fully engaged in art. Her paintings often focus on urban themes, particularly the relationship of the sacred to the secular in our modern world.

3 thoughts on “Astro-Visuals by Martha Jablonski-Jones

  1. A truly thought-provoking and visually stunning presentation of Astro-Visuals. Martha uses mythic images from many different cultures to illustrate the energies of planets in signs and houses. Her art is a chance to grasp these concepts from a different angle. Astrology is such a creative study and there’s always room for more insights, as Martha proved with her exquisite body of work.

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