“Astrological Theories on Conception” with Alison Price – May 9, 2013

Alison Price presents “Astrological Theories on Conception”

There is a growing incidence of couples being challenged to fall pregnant. This elusive conception phenomena occurs for several reasons. Many women turn to astrology for answers. Whilst astrologers may not be able to help all women, there are long established Astrological Theories on Conception, which can be used to great effect in these situations. With conception timing is everything. Bring your chart if you wish.

This lecture offers invaluable information for the practicing astrologer.

  • Discover auspicious days to conceive
  • Consider the Moon, lunar months and the female cycle
  • Determine your chart’s “Procreation planet”
  • Explore some ideas on gender emphasis.
  • Weigh your “Natal promise” regarding children
  • Discover what a “Conception Astrologer” does

About: Alison is a passionate astrologer, teacher, writer, blogger, eBook author and keen sunset watcher. She hosts Starzology which helps you create a successful astrology business and shows you how to solve the two main issues facing astrologers of how to move from student to professional astrology status and how to develop, establish and manage a small business. Alison is the current President of the Guild.

Contact Alison at alison@starzology.com and visit her website at www.starzology.com

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