Awaken Our Conscious Mind

Phyllis Chubb, MA, a long-standing member of the Guild, has published a book filled with a life time of studying the human experience.

Consciousness has usually been linked to individual awareness, however it has recently been proven to be much more than simple awareness. In fact it has been proven that consciousness marks life itself. Consciousness, which is part of the submicroscopic world, has constant and direct influence on all aspects of the material world. Consciousness has the power to impact and span time and distance, and further, that consciousness can be seen in the form of light.

Phyllis’ website is and you can order the book directly from her. Phyllis also launched a blog at

I look forward to reading Phyl’s observations, I expect it will be like talking to her, which I always enjoy.

One thought on “Awaken Our Conscious Mind

  1. Thank you all so much for putting my book up here. As astrologers we all need be conscious in order to guide our clients to their consciousness.

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