Battle of the Giants November 8, 2012

Anne MasseyAnne Massey, a professional astrologer since 1988 with two active websites and her blog at has been an active member and the president of the Guild for numerous years since 1991. Anne is a full time astrologer, who teaches astrology at all levels in both in person and online. Her approach to astrology is practical and common sense. She uses both Hellenistic and contemporary astrology in her teaching and with her clients. Anne gave a lecture on the ‘Battle of the Giants’ in Finnish last summer and will give a talk on the outer planets at the Guild in November.

In the past few years all of outer planets have changed signs. We know about the turmoil in the world, the economy, which is not settled yet and the massive earth changes in various parts of the world. We have Pluto eliminating structures both literally and figuratively, Uranus is busily creating abrupt changes in both our landscape and in our personal lives…Neptune slipped into Pisces this year for a fourteen year stint, and fairytales are front and centre in the media. These changes must filter into our personal lives, we are after all a significant part of the collective experience. The talk, while addressing some of the collective changes will be geared to look at how the battle of the giants is playing out in your personal life. Please bring along your own chart, so you can watch the current ‘drama and comedy’ in your life.

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