“Charts at a Glance” with Sukhwinder Nizzer April 11, 2013

Sukhwinder Nizzer presents “Charts at a Glance”

This talk is intended for astrologers and new students to the subject at all levels. Having your chart handy helps to apply the basic concepts of quadrants, hemispheres, patterns, etc.  Much information can be taken away by just looking at a natal chart.

The natal chart is an image of planetary energies frozen in time. We bring the planetary energies down to earth; the wheel showcases the planets within the twelve signs as we see them from this three dimensional plane. The astrological chart reveals many facets of the personality before we look at the basics.

Some key points to visual delineation are the division of the natal chart. Dividing the chart; top to bottom or left to right gives the astrologer clues on how the native reacts to his/her environment.

Note to attendees: You are invited to sent your birth data to Sukhwinder at the email address below and she will print your chart in the format suitable for this talk. (The focus is on quadrants)

About: Sukhwinder is student of astrology working towards completing her level III certification from the Canadian Association for Astrological Education. 

She currently teaches beginners’ Astrology Classes and is treasurer for the Fraser Valley Astrological Guild.

 Phone: 778-322-8476

Email: sknizzer2002@yahoo.ca

Special Note: This evening we are hosting “Bring a Friend for Free” which means if you are a current paid member of the Guild you are invited to bring one friend to enjoy our presentation for free.

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