Chat with Sandra Ignacio

The following chat with Sandra our newly elected president was conducted by our outgoing president, Joan Morton, who served the Guild with both passion and professionalism for the past two terms and will continue as the past president in an advisory capacity for the year.

1: When did you first became interested in studying astrology and what sparked your interest?

SandraI was in my youth when I became aware of Astrology and developed a very strong interest in my 20’s. I realized i had a ‘talent’ for it in my latter 20’s and learned to calculate my own chart by hand. I found Anne Massey, she was the first Astrologer I ever met and had my first reading with her! I was hooked after that and began serious study in my early 30’s. I was able to ‘measure’ the timing of a very significant life changing year of my life at 10 years old, and realized then that there was no turning back. If the transits, Arcs, and Progressions could mark this time in my life so accurately, then Astrology deserved my serious attention!

2: Do you have an area or areas of special interest in your study of astrology?

Yes. Prediction. Unfoldment. Challenges in the natal chart. Predispositions. Crisis. I’m a double Scorpio so this is very natural to me, LOL!

3: How has your study of astrology and knowledge of your own chart affected you personally?

It’s both sad and enlightening. Sad because it’s like lifting the lid off Pandora’s box (there’s things I don’t want to see that I see), but the understanding has deepened my ‘faith’ oddly enough, in that time and time again I have to trust ultimately in a higher power.

4: What do you mean when you say ‘the planets have always spoken to me’?

I just simply ‘pick up’ the energy of the planets so readily, they are truly my greatest teacher! Just being in the moment, observing their energies, even acting them out and witnessing others act them out is how I’ve learned the most important lessons of the planets.

5: You are speaking at the Guild’s November 12 meeting on the topic of Addiction, why did you choose this topic?

I am personally learning so much about addiction because of someone very close to me suffering this disease. I put it to the test Astrologically and was blown away by the significant patterns revealed to me. I’m so excited to share these findings with others!

6: You have said for the talk on Addiction you will draw from the ‘charts of many famous addicts’. Can you give us a small preview of whose charts you will be reviewing and why?

I randomly chose around 25 charts to focus on but have observed many others. As to how many I actually have time to cover I’m not too sure at this point but I promise they are all people you know of and will have you totally engaged!

7: What house system do you prefer and why?

Placidus, without question. I have used most of the other popular ones and this one by far is the most reliable. It’s just what experience has shown me. I have nothing else to go on other than some 30 years of study.

8: Do you have a preference: modern or classical rulerships and why?

Modern rulership works for me.

9: Do you see any value or any need for astrologers to take formal training and certification?

Yes, it’s always a good thing to have proper training. I believe that proper education brings out the 3 ‘c’s’ in us: Confidence, Competence, and Care with our clients.

10: What inspires you to continue as an Astrologer?

Oh the learning, learning, learning! I can never get enough! It’s the most fascinating thing I have ever known and I hope I am going to enjoy lifetimes of learning Astrology. I love the fact that there is no ‘finish line’, there is no ‘arriving’. But there’s tremendous excitement in ‘ah ha’s’, the ‘OMG’s’, the ‘holy #$!’s’, the ‘recognitions’ and ‘realizations’ but best of all…the ‘I understand’.

11: What aspect or pattern in your chart do you find most challenging?

My grand cross with Uranus/Sun/Chiron/ Asc/Dsc. Some Astrologers might say this is just a t-square. I assure you it’s not. Live my life through my shoes and you can be assured it’s a grand cross, LOL!

12: What aspect or pattern in your chart do you like the most or find the most helpful?

Oddly enough, the same configuration. I am so PUSHED to grow from this configuration. To WORK it, without respite. Just when I start to feel that I can’t be pushed anymore, there’s HUGE breakthrough and growth just around the corner…every time.

13: Can you give some insight into what you are drawn to in the work of Astrologers’ Noel Tyl, Liz Green and Jeffrey Armstrong?

Noel Tyl is a star! He keeps the actual Astrology so simple and yet his intelligence, understanding, and sensitivity is unparalleled. Liz Greene’s work of the complexities of the myths running in our lives and the deep unconscious complexes we carry is absolutely superior. Jeffrey Armstrong introduced me to the world of Vedic Astrology, in particular Ayurvedic body-typing, which is absolutely fascinating! I went on to study the Nakshatras, which has added great value to my readings.

14: How involved are you with your chart on a daily basis?

It’s all in my head, all the chart data as well as the Transits, the Solar Arcs, the progressions. When you’re a double Scorpio with a Moon in Virgo, you don’t miss much, LOL!

15: Do you teach astrology?

Everytime I have an Astrological Consultation or even open my mouth about Astrology, I’m teaching it. I do believe I am a natural teacher. If I have a willing student, I am a more than willing teacher.

16: What do you see for the future of astrology?

I believe it needs to go more ‘mainstream’. It needs to be kept simple but effective. We need to help others become their own ‘Astrologers’. I would love to see more people become more aware of the basics everyone needs to know; Moon Void, Retrogrades and Stations, and at least outer transits.

17: What direction are you focusing on in your personal studies and practice?

I’m close to completing my foundation studies with The Faculty in London, and from there I want to complete the diploma courses to acquire a degree. I also wrote and passed the ISAR Professional Certification exam last fall but there’s a couple more pieces missing to become fully certified.

Sandra is the new president for the Fraser Valley Astrological Guild, a position she also held around 1996-97.

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