Christmas Potluck, Friday December 15, 2017

You are invited to join our upcoming 26th Years Annual Christmas Potluck on Friday, December 15, 2017 at International Spiritualist Alliance Bldg. (ISA), Unit 201 – 317 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC. The Anvil Centre doesn’t allow food inside the lecture meeting room; hence, we requested ISA (our former meeting location for 23 years) to rent out their space for us. Fortunately, they agreed, but it will be held on Friday, not Thursday…This is the only day ISA is available…

We will have lots of fun. We will have free chart readings, Psychic, Palm, Tarot Readings…so bring your friends and family, your favourite food & beverage (to share), and your Christmas spirit!

A special thank you to Joelle Paleologou (FVAG’s former Secretary), who created/designed our beautiful brochure for our Christmas Potluck! Thank you, Joelle for your never-ending help – very much appreciated!

Once again, thank you all for your continued support to the Guild and to the Astrological Community; looking forward to another year of more successful FVAG!

Welcome New Members!

See you all at the Christmas Potluck on December 15th!

One thought on “Christmas Potluck, Friday December 15, 2017

  1. Hello 🙂

    I’m an astrology hobbyist in the Fraser Valley. I’m interested in meeting people with similar interests.

    Would it be appropriate for me (and my husband) to visit the guild at this party? I’ve attended a meeting as a drop-in guest last fall, but I’m not currently a member.

    Best 🙂


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