Cycles of Attraction and Cosmic Connection – Thursday, March 14, 2019

Cycles of Attraction and Cosmic Connection…

Clients come to Astrologers all the time asking about love. Are they the one? When will I meet someone? Which one should I marry? I feel so discouraged, should I give up on ever finding a partner? The terrain of romantic relationships is complex and it can be delicate territory to navigate, especially when a clients self-esteem rests on our answers. In this interactive talk, we’ll look at the key components in individualized charts and how that can reveal the kinds of relationships a client is best suited for (allowing space for free will). We’ll also cover celestial timings for an opening to love, reviving and repairing existing love ties and fostering new relationships.



Vancouver-based Astrologer, Kelly Benson translates the symbolic language of Astrology into practical, friendly terms to empower her clients. She is passionate about helping others achieve greater self-awareness, acceptance, personal mastery and strength. Under the mentorship of her mother, astrologer Georgia Nicols, Kelly’s passion for astrology blossomed at an early age. Her horoscope columns appeared have in newspapers, magazines and online publications. Kelly lives in Vancouver BC with her two sons and a golden retriever named Charlie.

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