Diploma Astrologers graduate in Canada

I just returned from Toronto where we had major celebrations for the first diploma astrologers. Many local students and members of the Guild have written standardized CAAE exams over the past 5-6 years, and my hope is that we will also have a graduation ceremony here in 2010. I feel this was a major milestone for astrologers and students of astrology in Canada. I was honoured to be invited to talk to the graduates in the beautiful setting of the Victoria University. Congratulations on behalf of the Fraser Valley Astrological Guild.

The Diploma Astrologers CAAE
The Diploma Astrologers CAAE

The graduation ceremonies for the first Diploma Astrologers took place on December 6, 2009 at the Victoria University, University of Toronto. The CAAE, the Canadian Association for Astrological Education,celebrated a milestone. I was present at the celebration for both the eight graduates as well as their teachers who all have been practising astrologers for over 20 years, who were honoured for their significant contribution to astrology in Canada as a teacher for the CAAE. From the left Helen Hayes, Rikki Haraszthy, Shannon Cunninghan, Milada Sakic, Tamara Wizinski, Tatjana Rusov and Joan Bennell.

CAAE teachers
CAAE teachers and Diploma Astrologers

From the left Priscilla Costello, Elaine Pond, Donna Van Toen, Anne Massey, Janet Markham, Ron Bippus and in the front (pink shirt) Joan Gibbins. Christina Rai Wheelright from Winnipeg could not attend the ceremonies but is among the diploma astrologers.

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  1. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I live in Iran but I’m going to immigrate to Canada.I also interested in Astrology and want to know if it is posible for me to attend your classes.How long dose it take? and how much should I pay?
    I look foreward to getting some information from you.
    thank you
    Mona Damavandi

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