Elections Round-table September 14, 2015

Astrology has so many interesting applications, one of these is the field of mundane astrology. The Federal Elections are coming up in Canada, that date is October 19, 2015. The Federal Elections in Canada are now fixed to a four year interval and to the third Monday of October, so we know we’ll be here again October 21, 2019. So we elect our 42nd prime minister and parliament with the Sun in late Libra. We know the parties involved, and only have a timed chart for Justin Trudeau…but there are different ways to address the forecasting of the result. We can look at the date of the announcements for those throwing their hat in, the chart for the date of the elections. We might pay attention to the date of swearing in to see what kind of government is in power for the next four years. Incidentally the Liberal Party has the same chart as Canada, having been the party in power back then.

The US Elections do not take place until November 2016, but the campaigning and announcements are already in full swing. Once again we are working with unknown or questionable times of birth. The charts will be available at the round table and you will be able to download a handout prior to the event with charts so that you can participate in the discussion/moderation more fully.  A short listing of charts

If you have relevant charts, please contact Anne so that those can be added to the PowerPoint. If you like Lynn would like to help moderate the discussion, please contact Anne so that we can coordinate. We haven’t had a round table in such a long time, this will be interesting and I look forward to seeing what tools others use to assess how the tides might turn or continue as if nothing needs to change…


Canada July 1, 1867 Ottawa, Canada at noon or at midnight. At noon Libra is on the ASC and at midnight it is Aries.

Data for charts

Canada: Elections October 19, 2015; polls open typically at 8 AM and close at 8 PM.

Short Listing of Charts

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  1. I live in Prince George, not the Lower Mainland, but would like to be in touch with other mundane astrologers down there, and maybe get the results of your Round Tables. Many years ago, I lived down there I was a member of the B.C. Astrological Society, and I have written a short piece on the coming election, based on the fact that it is occurring on a Progressed New Moon in Sagittarius. You can see this on the Skyscript Astrology Forum. I believe Canada is in for an exciting time. There I am Teiresias.

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