February 11 talk at the Guild

Over the past decade, Rachel Visconti developed from a green‑fingered horticulturist to a caring ‘Gardener of the Soul’ and is now working as a therapeutic practitioner using astrology and counselling. She has a long‑standing interest in symbolic systems, is an ardent student of human nature, and likes to examine the relationship between the greater whole and the smaller part —always striving to find a holistic and integrative perspective.   

Rachel holds a Diploma in Psychological Astrology from Liz Greene’s Centre in London, and an MA in Psychotherapy and Healing. Visit her website at www.soulstars.net and contact her at: astra chel@gmail.com Her upcoming February 11th lecture is titled “The Magic of Four: An Exploration of Astrological Elements and Psychological Types”. During this talk we will look at the four astrological elements and follow the history from the ancient Greek doctrine of humours and temperaments. We will attempt to draw a bridge between the astrological types and the psychological types as defined by C. G. Jung.

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