February 2011 Karmic Astrology

In February we will have our first workshop for the year, Thaya Edwards will be presenting a workshop and a talk on Karmic Astrology. Members can save money by signing up before the early bird deadline of December 15, 2010.

How to Live With Karma

Thursday, February 10th, 2011 7:30 – 9:00 p.m.
What is your Karma? Do you think karma is distributed equitably? It isn’t. However, we can define and measure it with astrology. Our relationships are fated or karmic. Were you made for each other or could you choose to skip a relationship knowing that you might meet your wife, brother, student, gardener or… murderer from a past life. How might you deal or not deal with this? Life is fascinating as is astrology; let’s discover something new about the past.
Saturday, February 12th, 2011 10:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Karmic Astrology Workshop:

Is our fate etched in stone or do we have free will?
In this workshop you will gain a new, different perspective to a ‘hot’ topic in astrology. Some of the techniques Thaya uses in her work are very unique and written material about these are scarce, or only available in Russian… During this workshop you will learn something new regardless of your years of study.

Do you know that it is possible to measure the level of freedom and inevitability in a natal chart? That is what karmic astrology is about and of course how to deal with the so-called karma. In this workshop we will explore concepts that might not have heard of yet, karmic and creative aspects, the associated configurations and naturally their meanings. Charts of well- known people will be used to illustrate the principles. We will look at the cycles of the Black Moon and its counterpart the White Moon as principles of our dark and light karma. Do retrograde planets imply that we shouldn’t pay attention to something? And naturally we will need to look at the lunar nodes and fixed stars.

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Thaya Edwards is a professional astrologer, whose astrological education began in Russia in the early 1980s. Pavel Globa was her ‘underground’ teacher; invisibility from the KGB was vital. She does not see astrology as entertainment, rather a life philosophy. In her life Thaya has worked as an economist, computer business analyst, accountant and realtor. Having moved to Canada, she added more “exciting” occupations to the her list: cleaner, banquet server, pizza delivery, salesperson, accountant again, and logistics. Among all these numerous professions astrology and healing were always her favourite. Thaya teaches astrological classes, writes articles and books, and has produced an instructional DVD. Her website: www.thayastar.com

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