February, 2017 – Astrology for the Soul with Sandy Hughes

Sandy has been a dedicated metaphysical practitioner since 1977, and professional astrologer, consultant and teacher since 1979. She began lecturing in 1981, co-founded Universal Search, the Mainland BC, branch of the Fraternity for Canadian Astrologers in 1982, and was the active president for the next three years. She organized her first national conference Northern Lights, in 1985, and many symposiums & gatherings since then. Sandy was first published in 1992, and continues to promise ‘her book’.

Astrology for the Soul is Sandy’s specialty: “If your Soul is not happy neither are you.” She has a special love of Chiron & the Asteroids, and her study of various spiritual disciplines enriches her perspectives and has helped her develop her unique counselling skills.
Consistent application of the principles she teaches is the crux of her success, as synchronicity & symbolism have a say in everything she does. By truly living her craft on a daily basis, she has honed her skills to a fine art. Sandy brings an impressive depth to her work and has a long-standing, enthusiastic, international clientele.

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