GREAT CONJUNCTIONS: Shape Shifters of Time

We have all probably been thoroughly ingested with the patterns of 2020 but this is a study of all Great Conjunctions reaching backward in time and forwards to the end of the 21st Century.  There are cycles upon cycles, weaving a tapestry of magic through the ages, forever updating our evolutionary journey.   We know they change history but what does it mean to be born with a Great Conjunction, or it’s square or opposition?


Chris is a Consulting Astrologer, teacher, author, and lecturer, having lectured and taught globally in over a dozen different countries.  She is ISAR Board Emeritus after retiring in 2016 from ISAR Vice-President and Chair ISAR Certification Program.  Chris has published four books and contributed to five others.  She is a master of Interceptions and Geodetic Astrology.  Her latest book, Great Conjunctions: Shifting Times is hot off the press.

Chris can be reached as follows:

Email: or Phone 1-780 469-2974


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