Guild News Summer 2014

The latest issue of the Guild News is available for your reading pleasure.Leo-2014.pdf . If you would like to submit articles for the next issue please contact The issues are published during the first week of February, May, August and November when the Sun reaches 15 degrees of the fixed signs. Submissions need to be in 14 days prior to publication date, that is when the Sun has moved into the fixed signs. The classes offered by our members will be updated over the next couple of days. This information is in this issue of the newsletter. Our next Thursday night lecture takes place in September. Andrew Morton will be in town for a workshop as well on the Saturday that follows. The topic is Harmonics, which is something we haven’t had a presentation on ever. I think this is very exciting and I am looking forward to it, astrology is so wonderful, there is always something new to learn, and you don’t have to travel to the UK to hear Andrew’s insights.

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  1. Hi folks,
    If you would like to review the new eBook by Stephen Arroyo, please let us know to which email we should send a PDF. This short work will only appear as an eBook since it is rather specialized and thus uneconomical to print as a physical book.

    Thank a lot.

    H. Peters, Rights Manager
    CRCS Publications

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