Hellenistic Astrology Applied October 8

Hellenistic Astrology Applied

Ancient concepts can enrich our astrological understanding, but they serve little purposes unless we learn how to apply them to our contemporary understanding of our rich subject. The simplicity of some of the analysis is beautiful, however, choosing the tools that work can be challenging. Anne Massey will introduce a few simple concepts that you can apply instantly and a few more that may take a bit of extra study. Send your birth data in by September 30, so you will have your Hellenistic chart to refer to during this talk. Email anne@astrologicallyspeaking.com

Anne’s talk follows the AGM, which begins at 6:30PM. Please choose to attend and be heard about the plans the executive has for 2009-2010. Your voice matters. The Guild was founded in 1991 and we begin our 19th year of operations.

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