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November 2008

Dates Chris is in town: November 13-16, 2008   Talk on November 13, 2008 at 7:30 PM

How Ascendants behave and what they say

The Ascendant is the doorway into the chart. It is the way we interface with the world. It is the dawn point as we dawn on others. It colors the way we dress, the way we act, in general the way we present ourselves, and even the things we say. This should be a fun interactive workshop as we reveal ourselves to each other. It is a great way to spend a Thursday evening!

Talk Friday November 14, 2008 at 7PM

12th house fears, strengths and fantasies

The 12th house is often unnecessarily feared. Herein lies buried treasure in the form of our greatest strength if we have the courage to tap into it. The extent to which we are able to do this affects how we reach out through our Ascendant and how much we feel we deserve through our 2nd house. Our fantasies are often outlandish, perhaps hilarious, yet predictable.

 Twelfth House Choir at “intermission”

After the coffee break, about 8:15PM, the Twelfth House Choir will help make this evening more magical…
The Twelfth House Studio Choir is a group of singers who have an open mind to various forms of alternative healing work. Under the direction of Tom McPherson, repertoire is selected to specifically evoke astrological energy — whether it be through the actual song lyrics, the tonality, or the musical texture of the songs. Connected to theories of medical astrology where a client may be advised to bring in more fire or air into his/her daily life, the choir will eventually offer “packages” of music as a prescription to ease physical or emotional conditions. For more info about the group, or to arrange for an interview to become a member, please visit .

  The drop in fee for Friday is $10 to members and $20 to non-members.

Workshop Saturday November 15, 2008

When Generational Becomes Personal and vice a versa:

The Unique cycles of the Moon and the great conjunctions personalized.

Astrology is much about cycles as they come and go like clock-works. The “big” ones, i.e., Jupiter/Saturn and outward, shift and shape life on our planet as well as our own personal lives. While we are being VERY personal, we will also see a unique cycle of the Progressed Moon in its correlation with the transit of Saturn.

 Fee for workshop $90; Senior rates available for members who are 60 years of age. Open registration form
Members register by September 15 to receive early bird discount. The fees are stated on the registration form.

3 thoughts on “The Latest News

  1. i’d love to come…though, i’m completely confused at the dates…is it nov 2008…2007 or 2005 (even more confused when i look elsewhere on the site!)…

    otherwise i’m VERY excited and would love to join you all.

    do i need to book, or can i drop in on the night?

    please let me know!



  2. Now it’s become 2008 strictly)

    Welcome to drop in on Thursday and Friday nights.
    For the Friday workshop, please contact Dawn or Denise. Emails are on the Executive page.

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