Insights with Kay June 10

Kay Meierbachtol has been a student of astrology (in this lifetime!) for more than 30 years. She began in Western astrology but switched to Vedic astrology in the early 90’s, as she found it to give much more accurate information. She was a member of the Fraser Valley Astrology Guild for many years before moving to Lasqueti, one of the gulf islands, where she lives with her husband and where they both practice and teach Jin Shin Do acupressure. Kay maintains an active astrology practice on Lasqueti and Vancouver Island and in Mexico during the winter months. You can reach her at 250-333-8868 or at

Her talk will be on the basic structure of Vedic astrology, the zodiac, house and planetary aspects, with emphasis on the role of the Nakshatras, or mansions of the Moon. The Nakshatras hold the key to character and emotional traits that western astrologers are accustomed to find in the signs of the zodiac. Focusing on this information will help western astrologers understand why their planets may be in different signs, but their characteristics will be similar. Kay also wants to focus on the Nakshatra placements of the outer planets in current transit to give some idea of what we might expect these major alignments to deliver in the next intense months. This will show how the Nakshatras are so integral to Vedic astrological prediction.

We look forward to seeing you, consider joining us for dinner at Stefanos before the talk. The first ones are usually in the restaurant by 5PM.

One thought on “Insights with Kay June 10

  1. This introduction talk into vedic astology was interesting becasue of Kay’s use of personal experiences with the Nakshatras.

    Like Western astrology; Vedic astology is a vast field and can take numerious years to study.

    The mystic tales are woven into the delination/interperations of what each nakshatra represents. The tale of Rahu and Ketu; and how it relates to our present circumstance with the oil leak in the gulf was extordinary.

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