ISAR consulting skills training

The event is hosted by Anne Massey with the endorsement of the Guild; most of the participants will be Guild members. If you would like additional information, please contact Anne at anne at or call 604.539.1288

Dates: October 9-12, 2015

  • Dates and times:  Friday October 9, 2015 7 PM to 10 PM
  •                              Saturday October 10, 2015 9 AM to 6 PM
  •                              Sunday October 11, 2015 9 AM to 6 PM
  • Location: Murrayville, Langley, at Fraser Hwy & 221 Street
  •                              Details from local registration contact
  • Information about certification at
  • Information about this event at

One of the certified trainers presenting the program here is Chris McRae, the Vice-President of ISAR and the chair of the Education Committee. Chris will also be presenting a lecture at the Fraser Valley Astrological Guild on October 8, details at

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ISAR Competency Exam

Date and time: Monday October 12, 2015 9:30 AM to 5PM with a 1½ hour lunch break

  • Registration deadline for both, August 31, 2015
    • A 20% non-refundable deposit required
    • Fees in Canadian Dollars please contact Anne Massey for details
  • Local registration contact: Anne Massey (email: or phone 604.539.1288

This is a comprehensive, professional level examination with a broad scope of questions. The exam of was designed in consultation with astrologers across the globe. The exam is offered in several languages and has been administered in countries around the world. Over the past decade the ISAR certification program has gained international recognition. Passing this examination demonstrates the level of astrological knowledge and skill expected from a professional in the field.

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About the Consulting Skills Training

Richard Smoot, the Operations Manager for the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR), who was integral to the development of the program with Gisele Terry, the past president of ISAR writes:


“ISAR’s Consulting Skills Training is a required component of the ISAR Certification Program. However, anyone can take the training, whether on the path for ISAR certification or not. The training teaches a repertoire of skills that makes working with astrology clients personal and meaningful. ISAR believes that it is important for astrologers to have relational skills when consulting clients, and also for astrologers to be able to integrate these communication and relational skills with astrological interpretation. This training emphasizes both empathy skills and their integration within chart analysis. Astrologers provide a wealth of information for their clients. However too often in our work we astrologers deliver information only, without awareness of the client in the here and now relational sense. Too often as astrologers we can feel that we have a client “summed up” from the chart alone, only to find out that the client sitting opposite us has her own experience of her chart.

Astrologers should be both sensitive and responsive to the emotional needs of their clients. If a woman comes in who has just heard that her husband wishes to divorce her or a man says his boss has just given him a poor review and his job is on the line, they want information about what will happen or what course of action to follow. At the same time, they likely would have very strong emotions related to these issues. How can astrologers get information across in a way that is helpful, and not harmful? How can they respond to the emotions of clients? Without listening and empathy skills, it is difficult to access this subjective level of the client’s world and to respond to client’s emotions while interpreting the astrology chart.

ISAR’s consulting skills course is designed to train astrologers to communicate information in an astrological horoscope in a way that is effective, immediate and relevant for the client. This intensive training is designed to give astrologers listening and empathy skills that facilitate the astrologer-client relationship. The training has a strong experiential component with role-playing exercises that teach emphatic communication, reflection, paraphrasing, non-verbal communication and active listening. Integrated with the basic principles of chart interpretation, these skills provide astrologers an ability to respond to their clients’ most personal thoughts and feelings and in this way help clients feel better understood.

The ISAR Consulting Skills program has a cadre of skilled trainers who teach this model of empathy and active listening skills. The training has been taught at conferences, independent sites, and in astrology schools worldwide. In utilizing the elements of cross disciplines, such as human communication theory and counseling, astrologers can further develop their ability to apply astrology in ways which help, assist, and support clients, and to become better astrological consultants. By taking this training, astrologers can avoid attitudes, habits, and behaviors, which unknowingly may harm or hurt their clients. Instead they can learn methods that can truly help their clients find for themselves the personal answers they are seeking.” Used with permission from ISAR.

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