John Foster at Guild May 11, 2017 – Understanding and Using Midpoint Pictures – a Mini Workshop!

speakerUnderstanding and Using Midpoint Pictures – a Mini Workshop!

There are many ways to glean insight from the imprint of the cosmos on your birth. In this talk we will look at the practical use of midpoints in your planetary pairings. We will learn what a midpoint is, how it becomes a midpoint picture, how to think about them, and how to focus on the most compelling midpoint pictures in your chart.

As a special treat we will look at the correlation of “favorable” midpoints to a group of well known successful individuals. Often by seeing potential in someone else it becomes easier to see that potential in ourselves!” I think you will find this talk to be enlightening and strikingly practical and useful.

My focus is on helping others on their journey of self-discovery and self-improvement through Astrology. I started studying astrology as a teenager. I dabbled in “cookbook” astrology for years until I realized that I needed specialized training. For that I sought out the world renown Noel Tyl master astrologer. In 1996 I enrolled in Noel Tyl’s Master Degree Certification Course. It took years of hard work before I graduated with highest honors

Noel’s work sharpened my focus through a humanistic psychological orientation. I continue to expand my understanding and have been certified by Chris Brennan in Electional Astrology. I am studying a more spiritual & metaphysical approach currently with Mark Jones of the Pluto School. Growth doesn’t stand still! Elected and serving as Membership Secretary of the Washington State Astrological Association for the 2015-2016 schedule.

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