June 11 with Thomas McPherson

thomasThomas McPherson trained with London’s Faculty Of Astrological Studies, being awarded the Faculty Scholarship in 1998 for highest exam results. He returned to the Faculty courses in 2010, attended summer school in Oxford four times, and achieved their Diploma in 2014. Thomas currently serves a growing client base in person in Vancouver, and via phone/Skype across Canada and the USA. He enjoys teaching piano as well as astrology, and sometimes the two overlap!

Email: thomas@vancouverastrology.com web: http://vancouverastrology.com

Local Space Astrology

Our usual practice of astrology — studying the positions and movement of planets along the ecliptic — can shed light on why, how, and in what area of life things are likely to happen. Local Space Astrology is a tool for discovering where. Using the horizon as a circle of reference, Local Space Astrology can reveal your own energetic compass, indicating which way you’ll need to walk or drive in order to experience your Venus, your Mars, your Saturn… You’ll discover reasons why you are drawn to certain areas of your community and why you avoid others. You’ll learn to make the best use of your own home or apartment, including how to arrange your furniture. It’s like “Feng Shui Meets Astrology”!

During my talk, I would like to use two or three examples from people who are in attendance. The only glitch is that I’d need to get their info a few weeks ahead of time. It takes a while to prepare the various charts and maps, some of which I have to calculate manually. So, any members who plan on attending please consider if you’d like to be a”guinea pig”. I would need from them:

♦ accurate birth data ♦ current address ♦ floor-plan of their living space or office space drawn to scale (Participants will need to get special instructions from Thomas prior to submitting this.)

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