June 12 with Hillory Skott

Hillory Skott is a Holistic Astrologer with an international cliental. She writes “This week in Astrology” a weekly column designed to keep us in tune with the positive. As well as the monthly Horoscope for Gurl.com, a forwarding thinking teenage girl magazine. She is working on her first book: The Astrological guidebook to Self Love. Her website: www.hilloryskott.com

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The talk at the Guild begins at 7:30 PM, doors open at 7 PM. Do join us for dinner at Stephanos’ before the talk.

The power and potential of the 12th house of the birth chart.

How can the 12th house help?  12th house planets and your hidden power.
The power and potential of the 12th house of the birth chart.

The 12th house is a top-notch tool to identify and embrace disowned parts of yourself. Identifying and working with the shadow aspects of your personality liberates personal power- the parts of you that had to go underground to survive society and childhood have gifts for you. Discovering the shadow aspects sabotaging fulfillment of goals is pivotal to successful personal growth. Deep healing and dreams come true are possible with this kind of 12th house understanding. We will look at how each planet behaves when placed in the 12th house and how to access the subconscious to work consciously with the energy that has been hidden away there. Discover the simple holistic tools and techniques to move through this difficult area of the birth chart.

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