Mac McLaughlin – Lecture – Thursday, April 12, 2018 PLANETS IN TRANSIT:  CHECK THOSE TRANSITS!



Ever wonder why transits work sometimes, (with deadly accuracy), and at other times they fizzle out, and nothing seems to come of them?  In this talk, we will take a look at a couple of mystery charts, and work out the transits involving them.  Then we can take a look at some of the charts in B




Mac McLaughlin’s first ahaa moment regarding Astrology happened in the summer of 1968. While he was sitting with a group of friends, one of them mentioned that people born in the same sign would not get along together.  It was at this point that they realized that the six or seven of them sitting there were Aries.  They got along famously, but the hook was set, and from there onwards, he started to read everything that he could get his hands on regarding Astrology. Well here it is fifty years later, and he thinks, he knows less as the years go by and the mystery of the stars deepens…

Mac McLaughlin is an Astrologer located in Vancouver, British Columbia. He wrote a weekly Astrology column called Straight Stars which appeared in the Georgia Straight, Canada’s largest weekly entertainment magazine for nearly eleven years. He presently writes the Star Wise column for Common Ground Magazine. He has been a professional teaching and consulting astrologer for over 40 years and has appeared on TV and radio across Canada and the US.

Mac was born in New England in 1946 and immigrated to Canada in the early seventies. From a very early age he expressed an interest in spiritual matters. In his early twenties he realized that he had a deep intrinsic connection to the stars. Even before his study of astrology began he often intuitively knew people’s birth signs and their correct birth dates.

After coming across a book on Astrology, he was amazed at the in-depth information available through the stars. Thus, started a journey spanning nearly 50 years of studying and reading the stars for people from all over the world, and from all walks of life.

He also had the great good fortune to meet his spiritual Master, Param Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj and received initiation from him in the fall of 1972.

Mac has studied eastern mysticism and spiritual philosophy throughout his adult life, resulting in a deep knowledge of karma and reincarnation.

Mysticism and palmistry along with Western and Eastern astrology are a few of the tools that he uses in his consultations. “According to the mystics our fate and destiny are written on our hands and in the stars” says Mac.

A strong intuitive and psychic ability is also very apparent when meeting Mac. He says, “Psychic ability is not something that I can count on all the time, but definitely it’s a helpful tool when trying to understand and unlock the mysteries that make up who we really are. Everything about a person can be known through the art of astrology. Your hands, face, smile, body form, mannerisms, and how you walk, and talk are all strong signals that will help a savvy astrologer understand what planets and stars that are most powerful in your chart. Your clothing, hair style, tone of voice, syntax, and many other subtle and not so subtle flags are waving always and tell many things. We just need to know how to tune them in.”

Applying the lunation cycles through the houses of a chart can bring good results, especially for a chart with an accurate birth time.

Please email your birth data to,  if you want your Transit Chart done…




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