March 12 with Renn Buttler

renn buttlerRenn Butler has a B.A. in English and Religious Studies and lived at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California for several years, where he met and studied with Richard Tarnas, also completing the certification in Holotropic Breathwork and Transpersonal Psychology with Stanislav Grof in 1989.  Renn has been a practicing astrologer since 1983 and has offered breathwork workshops in Victoria since 1992.  His first book Pathways to Wholeness was published in England by Muswell Hill Press.

A Tribute to Cosmos and Psyche: Richard Tarnas and the Intelligent Universe”

March 12, 2015 at 7:30 PM at 317 Columbia Street, New Westminster

Join us for an evocative PowerPoint presentation on the work of Richard Tarnas, expressed in his ground-breaking book Cosmos and Psyche.  Through a series of vivid imagery and commentary, we will explore the effects of world transits at the present time, as well as back through history, with a special emphasis on the great Saturn-Pluto, Uranus-Pluto, Uranus-Neptune, and Neptune-Pluto cycles.  I will also introduce Tarnas’ work with Stanislav Grof and how an understanding of stages of the biological birth process and the spiritual death-rebirth process can deepen our practice as astrologers and allow us to offer specific ways of dealing with planetary transits.


I offer consultations using Richard Tarnas’ in-depth, psychological approach to the natal chart, personal transits, and world transits.  We can do sessions either in person while I’m in Vancouver or over the phone – I record the conversation and send the link to you.

Sessions generally last 75 – 90 minutes.  $165   (I am happy to offer a sliding scale for students and those with limited income).

Every planetary alignment represents experiences that are happening or trying to happen.  The more people understand the emotional impulses that are operating in their psyches, the more consciously and responsibly they can work with those tendencies, helping them to manifest in the most constructive and life-supporting ways possible.  The study of astrology helps people to move in the direction that their deepest inner wisdom or inner healer is already trying to take them.

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  1. Hi Anne. Thanks for posting my writeup.

    This is minor, but you misspelled my name.

    See you Thursday!

    Warm regards, Renn

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