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Mars moved into Leo on October 16, 2009 and will stay in that sign until June 6, 2010. During October 2009-May 2010 Mars will move through the first 20 degrees of Leo three times. First forward to the almost the 20th degree from October 16-December 20 and then backward or in reverse gear from December 20-March 10. Think of driving your car in reverse all the way to work or to the grocery store. Not as easy and driving forward right; we would have to pay more attention and have so many hazards along the way. Mars then moves forward the second time through the same stretch of zodiacal terrain from March 10-May 16. This one qualifies for the most déjà vu moments—knowing that you have done this before and with a more fated feeling.

The last time Mars spent this long in Leo was October 1962-June 1963. Those of us older are able to reflect on what was going on in the world during that time and also what was going on in our personal lives. The themes tend to play out again and again, but no astrological configuration repeats in exactly the same form ever; thus there are changes. We also learn something during each period and have new lessons the next time. Late 1994-through May 1995 Mars was in Leo for about six months, which provides us with a more recent walk down memory lane. The point I am making is that this is 15-year cycle and the exceptional length of time repeats seldom. Mars is now moving closer to us. When something is closer to us, we are less able to avoid the energy it represents. Mars is about our motivation and our actions—we now have the luxury of staying motivated with one concept at length.

The quote I chose for this review captures the essence of Mars retrograde beautifully: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” — Albert Einstein

Our lives are compartmentalized into twelve basic areas by astrology. Those twelve areas are self, money, daily commutes and communication, home/family, creativity/children/romance, work/chores/health; partners/relationships in general, shared resources/endings/transformation, foreign travel/expanding your horizons, career/reputation/status, friends/aspirations/rewards, and subconscious/spirituality/isolation.

We can look at this from the perspective of the Sun each year, and apply it to any of the planetary transits. Each year, the Sun travels through all of the Zodiacal signs. Your own sign marks your birthday, and the one month each year when you are likely to make fresh new choices and resolutions for yourself. During that month people around you pay you extra attention. It is our ‘what do I want’-month. The month that follows brings the attention on your money and values, it is the natural time to create a budget, balance what you bring in with what goes out. If you know your ascending sign you can look at that as the first month to get more clues. The third month is about our daily life, schedules, cars, dealings with neighbours and communication; thus we tend to spend more time on these issues during the month the Sun is in the third sign after your own. That own sign is number 1. The fourth month is about family and home. The fifth is about month about children, romance and creative endeavours—things seem to flow with ease, regardless of what is going on. The sixth month following your month of birth brings work and health matters to the forefront—it’s all in the details at that time. The seventh month, which begins six months after your birthday, is about relating and relationships. The eighth month is about shared resources and shared issues—an ideal time for investigating the means to accomplish something. The ninth month is about travel, exploration and finding ways to expand your horizons; relatives might factor in prominently during that time. The tenth month is about career and your accomplishments; bosses, parents and other authority figures may play an active role. The eleventh month is about friends, groups and about your wishes and aspirations—excellent time to make plans for your new year around the corner. The twelfth month, the month prior to your next birthday is a time to rest, to finish projects and find new activities in order to recharge your internal batteries. To read the entire review for Mars in Leo

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