May 13 talk with Dawn Muncaster

The Mayan Shift

Dawn is a consulting astrologer, co-president of the Guild, metaphysical & spiritual teacher with accreditation and certificates in Astrology, Counselling, and Spiritual Disciplines. Dawn will to give us some insight into some interesting theories about our probable origins (the work of Z. Sitchin), and the upcoming transits and eclipses effecting the culmination of the much speculated events occurring from now to 2012 and beyond. From environmental and global suffering to spiritual awakening, what can we expect? Dawn will share part her own experience of ‘contact’ with galactic center, a spiritual download and the Pleiades alignment of 2012. Dawn’s website and blog are

Dawn will have a special guest Marguerite Paquin (PhD), join her with this lecture. Marguerite is an authority on Mayan culture and the Mayan calendar. She is the author of the insightful book,”Manual for the Soul’, A Guide to the Energies of life, and How the Sacred Mesoamerican Calendrics Reveal Patterns of Destiny”.

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