The Guild is a non-profit astrological association registered as a society in British Columbia, Canada. Our membership is open to all astrologers and astrology students. In accordance with the Society Act, a new executive is elected each year. Choose executive from the menu to find the names and contact information.

Annual renewal: CAD$60 due November 1 of each year.  Annual Membership is CAD $60.00. This fee covers November 1 to October 31 each year. If you join (for the first time) after January, we prorate the membership fee—for example, $6/per month for the number of months remaining in our fiscal year. If you join in June or later we add the remaining months in our year to the dues for the following year (June 2017-Oct 31, 2017=$60).  For Membership Form, please email

Drop-in fee for our Thursday evening monthly meeting is $15.00 for non-members and applied to the membership fee if paid before the next meeting—no charge to members.

  • There are no meetings during July or August.

Address to mail your dues and workshop fees:    The Fraser Valley Astrological Guild, c/o 3076 East 29th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5R 1W1, email for our treasurer:

Pay with PayPal

You can pay for your membership and workshop using your credit card, we recommend that you type your name to the field so we can update our records about memberships and attendance to workshops accurately.

Annual Memberships:

Please enter your name and keep the print your receipt, so you can show it at the door at the meeting in order to receive the sticker for your membership card. New members will receive a membership card. If you are a new member we need to you to complete our membership form, which is available online. Links to forms below:

Please bring or email the completed application form (it is fillable), and PayPal receipt to the meeting to get your membership card and to be added to mailing lists, etc. Membership cards will be ready at the meeting the following month. To have this mailed to you, please bring along a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope).

If renewing, please remember to advise of address and phone number changes. You don’t need to complete the renewal form if all your contact information is the same as when you first applied for membership. However, please bring your PayPal receipt to the next meeting you attend so that we can provide you with a renewal sticker for your membership card.

Send any inquiries about the treasury to

If you have trouble downloading the forms, please email the President to have the form sent by email.

Annual Dues $60 for 2020-2021

Support the Guild and Astrology in our area by donation, we are a registered non-profit organization

If you have any problems using the PayPal account please contact our President at and she will send you a PayPal invoice. Note that if you have a PayPal Account the button will automatically offer that as your preferred payment option. Look for the wording use my credit card. If you don’t have a PayPal acct choose don’t have a PayPal account and follow the prompts.

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