Mercury Direct Today

Mercury stations direct today at 5°Virgo 22′. The past three weeks have been challenging to many of us as Mercury Rx has prompted us to pay attention to what we are doing and why we continue to do so. I have found the past few weeks very distracting as there has been so many things I felt I need to handle. We are looking at adding regular features to our blog, I have been busily soliciting members to begin a periodic ‘blog-column’ on our site using a topic they are interested in. I hope that this would encourage members to comment on the topics and threads and maybe even generate more traffic at our Facebook page. This prompted my to decide to begin my little thread with the Mercury station.

The reputation of Mercury is rather expansive. Whatever goes wrong during the three weeks, when Mercury is retrograde, is blamed on Mercury rather than the fact that we neglected to something in the first place. The one thing in my experience in the last three weeks has been losing things and having them appear somewhere else, while I was convinced I did not put them there. This to me is Mercury retrograde action. I have also found things I thought forever lost…

Mercury will continue to be in Virgo until October 3—so this month is about getting organized and figuring out what it is you want to work on. It all started weeks ago; at the end of July. Mercury is powerful in it is favourite sign—Virgo—things need to be done properly, correctly and also need to be carefully analyzed. This year the Mercury theme overall has been to do the work whether that is with relationships, practical matters such as work or with your own quest for fulfillment. Next year and beginning at the tail end of 2010 the element of inspiration and enthusiasm takes over—Mercury will spend more than half the year in the element of fire.

Let’s hear your Mercury tales from the last three weeks while these are fresh in your mind. The next Mercury Rx period rolls around at the end of this year.

5 thoughts on “Mercury Direct Today

  1. Thank God that Mercury has gone Direct. This is the first time that this Rx has effected me. Mercury has been traveling through my 2nd house and causing problems.

  2. I found this ME Rx cycle hit hard at work. It was interesting to see how someone could bring a detail to attention, and if overlooked, the problems would grow as if someone had watered a magic bean. Everything seemed to back up one behind the other and become personally heavy and draining me of my energy.

    It traveled through my 12th house and caused me to delve deeply into my projects, consider what I was doing and why I was doing it.
    I’m so glad this is over.

  3. Mostly I find that during Mercury Rx I correct articles, re-seam quilt tops and realize that I forgot to pay a bill, mail a letter etc. This time I am doing that post Mercury retrograde. My powerpoint presentation for the workshop on Sunday was peppered with typos, some rather significant.

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