Michael O’Connor May 8, 2014

Michael O'ConnorMichael O’Connor (Nelson, BC) presents “Zodiac Fractals: Degrees, Decants, Duads and Dispositors”

Probing beneath the surface of the Natal Chart leads us to examine some of the finer details readily available. By examining the exact degree of every planet and angle we discover hidden layers of insight. Doing so highlights many features like the Hidden Signature, Multiple Chart Rulers, Core Motivations and Ultimate Goals of Destiny…. When these deeper levels are then applied to the Principles of Dispositorship, we can gain fresh insights which can also be applied to Transits and Progressions. This approach to thoroughly examining the chart and gleaning all it has to offer is important towards offering solid insights that build rapport and trust between Astrologer and client which helps the client to feel truly seen and recognized and thereby open up more fully to a rich and satisfying experience. When we are able to ‘sound’ and therefore activate one’s core nature, the reading session transcends an information based focus to one that is truly healing.

About: Michael O’Connor is a Full Time Professional Astrologer serving an international clientele. Author of a popular Weekly Horoscope since 1993, Michael also offers Visual Presentations, Lectures and Workshops to students of all levels. Read chat with Michael.

www.sunstarastrology.com 1.888.352.2936 sunstarastrology@gmail.com Michael will be available for In-Person Readings while in Vancouver

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