Mundane Astrology by Martin Stock

April 12, 2012 – MUNDANE ASTROLOGY

Martin will be presenting a talk on Mundane Astrology – the application of astrology in respect to world affairs, events and politics. He will be giving an overview of Mundane Houses, Planets, Cardinal Ingress Charts and Eclipses (with handouts).

A member of the Guild since 2010, Martin began his study of Astrology in 1968, at the same time as taking up what proved to be a life long interest in Jungian psychology. He began seeing clients professionally in 1980. Martin’s interest in Mundane took over in 2000 during the US election cycle that led to the first GWB regime. Subsequently, following the death of Judy Johns, founder of the Political Astrology group on Yahoo, he became one of the list moderators and then co-owner.

We hope you can join us! See you April 12th!

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