New Moon in Libra

We’re approaching the New Moon in Libra at 11:45 PDT this morning. This New Moon is termed a “Super Moon” because the moon is at perigree; meaning that it is at its closest point to the Earth. The strengthened gravitational and electromagnetic pull can affect weather, tides, tectonics, and of course people, as our physical bodies consist mainly of water.

 Just before a New Moon I often find I’m more reflective and turning inward, turning a page as I sift through things and get ready for something new. This evening as I write I’m still and placid like the smooth surface of a calm mountain lake.

 This New Moon brings forward 7th house themes, marking a new cycle in relating and in our relationships whether they be platonic, casual acquaintances, good friends, family, business, or intimate partnerships, or even malicious.

 In general, when the moon is in Libra, people are social, attracted to one another, friendly, and tolerant of each other. People may be more polite and considerate, approaching each other with a sense of equality. One might think a little more before reacting; take a moment to see all sides of a situation or another’s point of view. In action, we may have the opportunity to achieve balance and harmony. Libra is ruled by Venus, which is currently transiting the sign Scorpio, intense and passionate, and concerned with connecting with others on a deep transformative level. Venus in Scorpio stations retrograde just after midnight on the day following this New Moon. Read more about Venus Rx on Anne Massey’s astro-blog also posted at this site.

 Saturn and Mercury are also in Libra. Saturn can be associated with discipline, which we often relate to as a punishment for a mistake or a bad deed that was committed or that we’re contemplating. But when we do, we are thinking of discipline as being outside of ourselves. Discipline can also arise from within, and the practice of discipline is not about what we lack, but about realizing inherent basic goodness. Saturn in Libra is exalted and calls for us to act responsibly, to respect boundaries and limits, to treat each other as well as ourselves with integrity, respect.

 We have the opportunity to realize the truth of our situations, and to make amends – even if only for ourselves. Mercury in Libra helps us to understand, enables us to be fair-minded and impartial, to communicate personably, sincerely, with tact and diplomacy.

 This week in the news, reporters have been discussing rampant bullying at schools and the recent string of suicides among gay teens. Bullying is not new, it’s been around for a long time. We’ve all experienced a bully who puts others down on the basis of race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or anything really. Many celebrities have joined with parents and teens  speaking out and calling for a shift in the way we think about and treat each other. Consider these conversations and watch what unfolds in the coming weeks.

 How might the new moon influence you? Look to the house(s) the new moon occupies in your natal chart or the house that Libra rules. The moon also rules the sign Cancer. Look to the house(s) with this sign on the cusp and to any planets in Cancer. Also consider any aspects the New Moon makes to other planets in your chart.

 Writing a blog is a new experience for me. And this new moon falls in my 1st and 2nd house being a Virgo rising. It also concerns my 11th house with Cancer on the cusp. I am also a Cancer Sun. The focus of the new moon for me is likely related to self-potential and group activities. I do hope you’ll visit here more often as well as the other astro-blogs on the site.  Share your own experiences, ideas, thoughts and insights. What’s happening for you?

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