New President and a New Year

The Guild begins its 22nd year of astrological events and we have some changes in our executive. Alison Price has stepped down as the president. We want to thank Alison for all the work she put in the course of our 21st year. She filled our schedule with speakers all through October 2014. Our next available speaking spot is November 2014. Alison set up some very helpful procedures, tweeted and updated our Facebook page…making sure that the word spread to the astrological community in our area. Joan Morton was voted in as the president, and we are delighted that she accepted the nomination. She will take over looking after our emails to and would be delighted to hear from members, astrologers and astrology students at large. If you are interested in presenting your favourite astrology topic, please contact Joan. Rebecca Garcia accepted the nomination for our VP, find the contact information at

As our new year of operations begins November 1, the annual dues become payable. We hope that you will continue to support our wonderful group and ensure that astrological topics are presented. The Guild is a wonderful resource for networking and meeting like-minded individuals. Our schedule and membership forms and payment buttons are under the links above. Do check out our archive of newsletters from the menu above. The next issue will be published November 6, 2013 the theme will be the inner planets–Mercury, Venus and Mars, contact if you would like to contribute an article, article particle, etc.

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