Nick Dagan Best chats with Sandra

nickbest1) How has the study of Astrology shaped your values?

Before I discovered astrology, I felt that our planet was alive. Upon learning astrology, I discovered that our universe is alive.

2) What inspires you about Astrology?

It applies to every branch or facet of human knowledge.

3) What concerns you about Astrology?

For some reason, astrological culture seems to breed a fear of the material world in some people. Or is it the other way around?

4) How do you personally want to make a difference through the study of Astrology?

By demonstrating its presence as a force of nature, rescuing it from public shame.

5) What is most important to you to teach others through Astrology?

Understanding the astrological clock in the context of recorded human history.

6) What house system do you prefer and why?

Whole sign houses. The sign boundaries, as trisections of the mundane quadrants between each equinoctial and solstitial point, have always shown themselves as “places” to me, from the beginning of my interest and study of astrology.

7) Who are your most inspiring Astrologers? Why?

Axel Harvey, an old friend of my parents, was my first teacher. He gave me my first ephemeris, and helped me cultivate my interest in mundane astrology and political history.

8) What is your most competent area of Astrology?

I think I am competent in a number of areas, but I would say my strongest specialty is my work with the synodic cycles of Venus and Mars, since I am among the very few astrologers who work with them to the capacity that I do. I think the material I share regarding them will probably have the strongest impact on student astrologers.

9) What area of Astrology is your weakest?

I learned horary astrology to pass an NCGR certification exam in 1998. I don’t really do it, for myself or in practice, although I admire many who do.

10) Describe your very earliest memory of interest in Astrology?

Having a circle of friends in 1994, several of whom had a superficial relationship with astrology. I was on a big reading and learning kick at the time – this was before the days of Google, of course – so for some reason I decided I would learn how astrology is done. I wanted to know on what grounds it could be dismissed. The joke was on me.

11) Have you always felt supported for your chosen career as an Astrologer?

Not always. It is a calling that is pursued regardless of support.

12) Would you say that giving readings is your strength or giving lectures?

My personality tends to enjoy the audience one gets with giving lectures. I like that there are the two dynamics of the job to work with.

13) When you give a reading what are the most important methods that you incorporate into your readings?

Giving a person a sense of how the astrology of their life has revealed itself so far, and how to apply that knowledge in the remaining lifetime.

14) In your lecture of the year ahead, would you say that 2016 is a more concerning year of planetary energy than 2015? Why or why not?

Good question. This April, we will have the first Mars retrograde co-present with Saturn in a tropical sign since they were both in Scorpio in 1984! For Canadians, it might help to remember that Pierre Trudeau stepped down during that exact phase. Not that I think our present leader will do the same, but there is a phase relationship between the end of the previous Trudeau government and the first year of this new one.

So looking forward to your talk, Nick! Pleasure to have chatted with you.

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