Norwac report

I decided to attend NORWAC at the last minute, the moment Uranus moved into Aries, in fact. So did Sukhwinder, our VP, so at the crack of dawn on Saturday we drove down. It was worth it. Heard some wonderful talks, connected with colleagues I haven’t seen in years. Made some connections with potential speakers for us at the Guild. I went there for inspiration and came back with loads of it. Eight of the Guild members (four of the executive) were in attendance—a good showing, I think.

I am doing research into the Mars cycle—claimed to be the one that drives astrologers ‘bonkers’—too late, I hear you thinking. Mars just finished 8 months in Leo today. Mars will be travelling through Virgo-Leo in the course of the next 15 months and then will spend 236 days in Virgo, beginning September 18, 2011. We think of the rhythm of Mars as about 5-7 weeks through a sign, when in fact it is about eight months in one sign (often two signs share this approx. 8-month period) and the remaining 17 months split between eleven signs. Mars also seems to have a preference over the signs, spends the least time in Aquarius, Aries and Pisces, and most in Leo and Virgo. This is the analysis based on 300 years of data. Will let you know what it is once I have plugged in additional centuries.

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