November 14 talk with Donald Allen

Donald Allen (Victoria, BC) presents “Terrestrial Astrology”

donald-allenWith the revival of interest in landscape zodiacs and the recent discovery of a landscape zodiac in Victoria BC, Canada, new light is being shed on these natural phenomena. Through his knowledge of ancient mythologies, a unique fascination with maps and having been working with the reflection of the Heavens upon the Earth for many years now, Donald is at the leading edge of terrestrial astrological research. This lecture offers a very unique look at this branch of astrology.

Learn about

  • The history of landscape zodiacs
  • Donald’s role in the zodiacs
  • How the zodiacs can be used

About: Donald is a terrestrial research astrologer who specialises in the discernment of landscape zodiacs. Working with the planisphere (star chart) overlay of the zodiacs, Donald castes charts upon the zodiacs that can be used to help determine how one can best work with the energies of the land.

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One thought on “November 14 talk with Donald Allen

  1. Donald’s talk was fascinating
    connecting Terrestrial Zodiacs in England to Victoria, BC and interweaving his personal journey of discovery with many myths and demonstrating ‘As Above, So Below’ in very real terms – check out his website.
    Thanks again Donald!

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