Norma Lachance on Numerology & Astrology by -Thursday, April 9, 2020 (cancelled due to COVID-19)…

Numerology & Astrology (Lecture) – Thursday, April 9, 2020, 7:30 pm – 9:15 pm, Anvil Centre, New Westminster, BC. (cancelled due to COVID-19)…


Blending numbers and patterns for natal chart interpretations.

Do you need a new twist on your astrological interpretations?

Numerology can enhance your astrological knowledge by looking at natal charts in a more mathematical, patterned perspective.  This session will introduce a simple system for determining your numbers and how to integrate this information into natal charts.  Participants can expect to learn the meaning of the numbers and how they determine one’s life purpose. The system can be used for synastry (partnerships) interpretations as well as a look of what 2020 holds for you based on, you guessed it, your numbers!

About the Speaker:

Norma Lachance is very passionate about Astrology.  She combines her Astrology with Numerology.

Norma Lachance B.Sc. B.Ed. is a professional Life Coach specializing in personal growth, relationship and career coaching while maintaining a private practice in West Kelowna, BC. She began her astrology education in September 2018 completing CAAE Level 1 in the spring of 2019.  Currently, she is preparing for Level 2 and 3 exams. Astrology has proved to be a beautiful blend of her two passions: mathematics and life coaching. Norma likes to focus her astrological readings for her clients in the areas of life purpose and self-awareness.  She also enjoys teaching astrology and creating systems so that it is more accessible. With a Disseminating Moon phase, it only made sense that she start a daily podcast about astrology (Uranus in the 6th). With over 200 episodes in the catalog, @astrology2day has become part of her contribution to the astrology community.

Contact her at:

780 266 5770

website: Work In Progress



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  1. Hello Norma. I just was so impressed with how well you speak and loved your energy. I was a swim mom on the course last night. Mel McRae. I am very interested in your life coaching and believe I could benefit from that if your teaching courses I would love to attend.

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