October 6, 2016, with Thaya Edwards – Practical Aspects of Medical Astrology…

Thaya-600Thaya Edwards will be presenting a Talk at the Guild, October 6, 2016; the topic is about Practical Aspects of Medical Astrology.

Thaya Edwards is a Professional Astrologer who has been practicing Astrology for 28 years, first in Russia and then in Canada. She created her own approach combining methods of Western astrology as well as old Arabian, Hindu and Persian astrological traditions. Thaya has been a teacher of astrology and healing for more than 20 years. She can be reached via www.thayastar.com, email: thaya@thayastar.com.



Medical Astrology is a comprehensive and complicated part of astrological science which can be a useful tool in determining weak and strong organs and systems in the human body and in predicting the time of possible health impairment.

Medical Astrology is helpful not only in disease diagnostics but also in finding a proper holistic way by which to cure illnesses. Thaya will share her knowledge (as an astrologer and healer) about using the energy of plants and crystals, according to the Star of Magus, for improving health.
She will be introducing her book Medical Astrology for Healing, recently published by the American Federation of Astrologers.

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